Friday, January 11, 2008

Christmas Parties

Well, we're finally getting settled back in Hawaii after our Christmas vacation. It's tough to travel that far with a toddler and a baby while crossing five time zones but it was so worth it. We had a wonderful time with family and friends! :) And it was sure nice to step off the plane and feel the warm tropical breeze after being so bundled up on the mainland. We are so blessed to live in this paradise!
I'll start at the very beginning... and probably break these up since we literally have hundreds of pictures! Had to throw this next one in because it made my teacher's heart happy when I found her sorting these beads by color all by herself. :)
We sometimes go to Playmorning up at the elementary school and they had a Christmas party a few days before we left. Natalie did not like her first experience with Santa.

Waiting for Santa to come with Sophia."Who is that big guy in the red suit? Do I have to sit on his lap too? I'm not too sure about this..."
I didn't get a picture but when it was her turn, she kicked and screamed the whole time and wouldn't sit on his lap at all. You can tell by her face that she was still unhappy.
But she perked up when she got to open her new book. (The parents had to bring in a gift and then Santa would call each kid's name.)

Blake didn't mind getting his picture taken though. :)
The night before we left, we had another party, this time with Brian's work. They had lots of games set up for the kids. Natalie loved it and we had a great time although we were mostly thinking about all the packing we still had to do!

Going fishin' with Daddy
Blake wishing he was big enough to play too!

The beanbag toss... after a few tries, she just walked up and put it in!
Butterfly tattoo
Getting a little closer this time... mainly because he had candy!
Brian and the kiddos
Our happy Hawaiian family... little did we know it would be 20 degrees when we stepped off the plane the next day!

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