Thursday, January 29, 2009

January Pics

I've decided Blake looks good in green. :)We've had lots of snow lately... we went sledding one night and of course the battery in the camera was almost dead. So I only got two pictures but we had fun.

We found this little green chair at a thrift shop that matches Natalie's purple one so she brought hers down and they both sat in them. They sit in them to read books. It's cute.

Wrestle time with Daddy
Making Valentine Lollipops Blake's learned to "smile" for the camera--he leans in and says "chee" (cheese) Ribs for dinner-one of Bri's favorites
Natalie tripped in the parking lot on the way into church on Sunday. She landed on her face and got all scraped up on her nose and lip and skinned her knee (and got a hole in her tights). She was quite a sight when we walked in and we probably looked like terrible parents. She ended up sitting with us during the service instead of going to her class but she actually did great. It's mostly healed up now... but it looked pretty bad when it scabbed over!

Approximately two weeks and counting...
Trying to get pics with my two before they become three... ...not happening! :)

Keep checking the blog for the little guy's arrival!! :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Out of the mouth of Natalie...

Natalie makes us laugh all the time and I keep a piece of paper handy to jot down some of the funny things she comes up with... here's a sampling:

"Mom, I just hurt my wrinkle." (it was her ankle)
"It looks likes worms!" when eating French Onion Soup, which both kids surprisingly love.
In the car on the way home, on a very chilly day, "Mom, I would like to have macaroni and cheese for lunch today because it will make me feel all warm and cozy inside." :)

"Can you sing Tinkerbells again?" (Jingle Bells)
When we lost the cover for our grill on a windy day-
Natalie: "Maybe Jesus has our cover."
Me: "What do you think He's doing with it?"
Natalie: "Just playing-then maybe He'll throw it back down to us."

In a public bathroom, pointing to the words on the dispenser: "This says 'I have toilet paper.'"

Me: "What should we say on our thank you card?"
Natalie: "Dear Jesus..."

I was singing "Holy, Holy, Holy" and got to "Early in the morning..." and stopped for her to finish singing it and she said, "... the sun wakes up!"

Misc phrases and words:
watermelon= waterlemon
forgot= reef-got (now turned into re-forgot)
"Look Mom, he learned himself how to do the puzzle!"
"This will help feel you better." (pouring pretend tea for Blake)

Natalie is very loving and will say things like, "I love you really much Mommy" and "Can I give you a big hug?" all throughout the day. She's that way with Brian and Blake too and even to the new baby. Just today she said, "I can't wait til the baby comes out so I can hold him and tell him I love him and hug and kiss him all the time." :)
By the way, according to the doctor on Tues, the baby is head down so it looks like everything is ready. We'll let you know when he arrives... just about 3 weeks now!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Farm Show!

Last weekend, we went to the PA Farm Show with Grandma and Grandpa and Bethany. We went down Friday night and had an early birthday celebration for Grandma and then spent all day Saturday taking in all the sights and sounds. The kids LOVED it and we had a great time together.
Yummy homemade applesauce.
Happy Birthday!!

On the shuttle bus over to the Farm Show complex.

Grandpa took care of Natalie all day and helped her pet the animals.

And Blake got to ride in the backpack with Brian... I only had to take care of the diaper bag. :)
Huge Bison

Very big bull-- look at that neck!
Don't fall in the pig pen!
The sheep and goats were getting sheared and washed and dried as we walked through.
They all wore these little covers afterwards!

It was fun to see how excited the kids were.

See the egg?!
Natalie loved the babies.

Definitely a highlight of the day.... all the piglets fighting for milk, they were climbing all over each other and squealing. It was quite entertaining!
The Rodeo

Lunch time at the Food Court
Having fun on the tractors.

They bolted two tractors together to make a hybrid!

Fighting it... he managed to make it all day without sleeping!

Afterwards, we ate dinner at Wegmans.
What a fun day! :)
Our neighbor Camron and his mom came over with Elefun the other day.
The trunk blows out little butterflies that you try to catch.
Natalie started a little gym class once a week. She loves it!

We are living in a winter wonderland these days... snow just about every day, ice and freezing cold temps. Are you cold yet, our Hawaii friends? :)
Baby update: I'm 36 weeks now! I'll try to post another belly shot soon. We find out this week if he is head down... hoping so since Blake was breech and we had to have him turned. Either way, I've been working hard and everything's washed and ready for when he decides to arrive! :)