Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cute Kids, Kath, Fish and Quotes

Catching some Saturday morning cartoons
Katherine came to visit on her way home to NJ for Spring Break.
Pizza Night... Yum! Always fun to see you Kath! :)
My Pampered Chef table at a Vendor Show last Saturday.
Evan is 7 weeks old now... and we've seen a few smiles. So cute.

We went to a Fish Hatchery with a Moms group I'm a part of. They raise fish (mostly trout) and then take them out to the local streams and lakes. There were so many fish in the little pools. Very fun but very chilly out that day!

Our cute little guy's getting chubby cheeks!
Natalie took this picture... not too bad.
Daddy and Natalie-- we grilled out this weekend, close to 60 degrees. Crazy that seems warm-Hawaii was 85 all the time.

My aunt and uncle and cousin came by for a quick lunch on their way to New York City. They're missionaries in Africa and so we don't get to seem them that often but they're home on furlough so we got to see them at Thanksgiving and then again today.
Aunt Barb with Evan

Natalie's Latest:
"Daddy, can I have more chopsticks?" (pork chops)
"Do you think our little cuter is ready to get up yet?" (talking about Evan)
"Blakey, how many times do I have to tell you not to throw toys behind the couch?"
"I'm going to going to tiptoe into Katherine's room and then yell loud-FORTISSIMO!" (from Little Einsteins)
"The sun's waking up but the mountains are still sleeping." (the sky was turning blue but the mountains were still dark)
"Evan had a bless you" (sneeze)
Blake's talking a lot more lately... soon I'll get to post his funny sayings too. :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Break

Brian was off from classes last week for Spring Break. We went to New Jersey to see my parents for a few days and then hung out at home. It was a very relaxing break... and now we're back to real life again this week.
My Dad and Evan
We went to feed the ducks... such a nice day out. No jackets!

Love this picture of Blake. :)
Swings!Grandpa with Natalie and Evan
Bubble Bath in Grandma's tub-- see the jets spraying Blake? They had so much fun.
And it made a million bubbles!
Back home again:

Brian and Evan really bonded this week... Evan loves sleeping on him, every afternoon they took a nap together on the couch.

Making pancakes one morning
Doing "pull-ups" in the bathtub... don't ask. :)
I gave Blake a much needed first haircut this week... doesn't he look like such a little boy now?

More to come soon...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Another Week

Evan is 3 1/2 weeks old now... that feels like such a short time, and yet it's hard to remember when he wasn't with us. He's a sweet baby although he wants to eat ALL the time, even in the night... but I guess that's what newborns do. :) Here's some pictures of us hanging around this week. The kids are ready for it to warm up so they can play outside more. We've been bundling up and going out back anyway just so they can run off some energy.

Playing on the couches

When we eat dinner it seems like Evan always wants to eat too.
Trying out the bouncer. He loves it.

Hello World!