Monday, February 28, 2011

Just Hanging Around...

Bradley is the cutest sleeper.. always has his hands in funny positions. Love my little guy!
I know this is blurry but I don't have too many of me holding him... guess I need to get my mom to take some before she leaves this week!
"I can sleep in any position..."

Where is Bradley going to sit when we read books??

Evan's been taking off his diaper a lot lately... so Blake and Natalie got out the potty chair. Maybe he'll be the easiest one to train with all the help! I've been waiting til after Brian gets back and life returns to some semblance of order again. :)
We went out for brunch one day... yummy yummy.

Favorite friends at Toys R Us.
Bradley's getting a lot more alert.

Already 3 weeks old tomorrow... can't believe it!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lots more pictures....

My Dad did all sorts of projects around the house again-but the kid's favorite was this "chip box" for our backyard. Natalie and Blake helped him put it together from start to finish and they all helped spread around the wood chips. It's the perfect place for them to play (and it's a lot less messy than sand!) Thanks so much Dad. I appreciate you!
Bradley is two weeks old today!

We attempted a little photo shoot.... will try again when he's asleep as he cried between almost every shot. :)

The helpers...

Watching Toy Story together
We went to Bible Study today and the ladies surprised me with a Diaper Shower--plus some other gifts! I was totally shocked... they had planned it a few weeks ago but then I had him early. They had blue cupcakes and snacks too. I feel so blessed!! Thank you!!
Brian should be home in about 3 weeks... we can't wait! :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Baby Bradley and more...

First attempt at a picture of all FOUR kids... we'll try again when they're not in PJs. :)
I took Bradley back to the doctor and his jaundice was much better and he'd gained back most of his weight already so that was great. He's a sweet little baby and there's nothing better than having him fall asleep on you... I love it. Proud Big Sister Natalie made him a Valentine.

My Dad came in on Saturday--he'll get to be here almost a week. The kids are loving having a man around and constantly wanting to wrestle and play with him. We're having fun and I feel so blessed that my parents were able to come visit (and to help me!)

Brian sent me 2 dozen beautiful roses for Valentine's Day. Thank you honey!
And my parents sent me these in the hospital.
We made Valentine Jell-O Cups again this year.
Blake and Bradley... we sure have a lot of "B's" around here now.

It has been so wonderful having my mom (and now my dad) here. I seriously don't know how I would be handling all this on my own. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bradley William

Bradley William was born Feb 8, 2011 at 9:47 pm. He was 7 lb. and 20 3/4 inches long. I was induced (because of pre-eclampsia) so it took a little longer than my other labors but the nurses and doctors were great and my mom was a huge support. I was able to email back and forth a little with Brian to keep him updated (although we didn't get reception so my mom kept taking the phone down the hall to send the messages!) Bradley was face-up so it was pretty difficult towards the end but overall it was a good experience and we're so excited that he's here! Proud Grandma!

My mom brought the kids in the next day. (Thanks Siobhan for watching them for us all day Tuesday!)

I love this one of Evan.
Bringing Baby Home:

Jaundice is really common here because of the altitude and at his next day check up, they were a little concerned so we're laying him in the sun during the day and trying to make sure he gets enough fluids. He's already better today. First sponge bath from Grandma:

He is a sweet baby and we're all totally in love with him already. We got to Skype with Brian today so he could see him "in person" besides just the pictures. I'll try to put pictures on more frequently for all of you but especially for Brian.
I can tell my blood pressure is going down as well as the swelling in my face and hands/feet and I'm feeling so much better now. I don't know what I would do without my mom here and all the friends who have been helping out--and thank you for all the messages and prayers. I appreciate you!