Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lots more pictures....

My Dad did all sorts of projects around the house again-but the kid's favorite was this "chip box" for our backyard. Natalie and Blake helped him put it together from start to finish and they all helped spread around the wood chips. It's the perfect place for them to play (and it's a lot less messy than sand!) Thanks so much Dad. I appreciate you!
Bradley is two weeks old today!

We attempted a little photo shoot.... will try again when he's asleep as he cried between almost every shot. :)

The helpers...

Watching Toy Story together
We went to Bible Study today and the ladies surprised me with a Diaper Shower--plus some other gifts! I was totally shocked... they had planned it a few weeks ago but then I had him early. They had blue cupcakes and snacks too. I feel so blessed!! Thank you!!
Brian should be home in about 3 weeks... we can't wait! :)

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Katherine said...

blake is starting to make that face a lot!!! It's so cute! And so is the baby. And the diaper cake is so cool... :)