Sunday, February 6, 2011

Evan's 2nd Birthday!

Sunday was Evan's 2nd birthday. We were so glad to be able to celebrate it before the baby's birth... although they may have joint parties in years to come as their birthdays will likely be only 2 days apart! Whenever Evan sits on the couch, he wants to put a pillow behind his head and blanket on his lap... just like Daddy.
Here's the cake my mom and I put together... complete with oreo dirt.
The video is on the bottom... can't seem to move it up.
We went to McDonalds for lunch after church and then did cake and presents when we got home.
Yum yum!
Opening presents

Card from Grandma and Poppa-with 2 dollar bills inside... he just handed them to my mom. I'm sure that will change soon!
My mom's present for Evan
These trucks make sounds... he loves them.
And especially his BIG dump truck!
Going for a ride... :)

We are all ready to head to the hospital in the morning to have the baby. We'll keep you updated as we can! :)


Laura said...

You did a great job on Evan's birthday, especially considering you are ready to have Baby #4. Love the pictures, as always. Say hi to your mom for me! :)

katherine said...

Oh man this made me smile. Natalie looks so cute with a headband in! She looks like a little English child. And Evan looks so grown up!! Kiss them for me... HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRADLEY WILLIAM!!!!

Our European adventure... said...

Just a forewarning about the dump truck.......That is how Brayden got a big cut on his head when he was 2 and has the scar to prove. My college friend also had to go get her son from preschool one day because he fell on a metal truck and his head was way worse than Brayden's....after about 20 stitches he has a nice healing cut on his head. The metal corners are sharp.

Happy Birthday Evan! I can't wait for baby pictures too! Hope all goes well.