Monday, February 28, 2011

Just Hanging Around...

Bradley is the cutest sleeper.. always has his hands in funny positions. Love my little guy!
I know this is blurry but I don't have too many of me holding him... guess I need to get my mom to take some before she leaves this week!
"I can sleep in any position..."

Where is Bradley going to sit when we read books??

Evan's been taking off his diaper a lot lately... so Blake and Natalie got out the potty chair. Maybe he'll be the easiest one to train with all the help! I've been waiting til after Brian gets back and life returns to some semblance of order again. :)
We went out for brunch one day... yummy yummy.

Favorite friends at Toys R Us.
Bradley's getting a lot more alert.

Already 3 weeks old tomorrow... can't believe it!

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Sara Graham said...

I am not quite sure why, but it warms my heart to know your mom is there with you! I guess it's because I know you have in house back up!