Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Quote Time!

Pictures of our trip to the Royal Gorge to come soon but in the meantime, here's the latest! :)

Natalie praying at dinner: "Dear Jesus, thank you for the dinner but I don't think I'm going to really like it."

Blake, seeing a man on a laptop at McDonalds: "Maybe he's playing on PBSkids.com!"

Natalie: "I wish I could be in a Disney movie." Me: "Why?" Natalie: "So I could be like Beauty and the Beast and have a mirror so I could see Daddy whenever I wanted."

Blake: "Can I have more pineapple trunks?" Natalie: "They're not trunks, they're junks!" (actually, chunks :)

(They also often call their favorite show Wild Kratts either Wild Cracks or Wild Craps.)

Natalie, down the stairs to Blake and Evan: "Kids! Time to go!"

Natalie, praying: "Dear God and Jesus, when I get old, I'll come see you."

Blake: "Natalie said stupid. Can you please give her a consequence, Daddy?"

Natalie: "Mom, a crock pot sounds like a pot you could cook a crocodile in!"

Blake, setting the table: "It's like I'm a chef and this is my restaurant!"

Natalie, sliding down our steps in a black trash bag: "Mom, you can wear it anyway you want because it doesn't have a tag in it!"

Natalie to Blake: "Daddy will throw you so high up in air that you can give Jesus a high-five and then come back down to Earth."

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lots of Catching Up

We've had a busy several weeks lately so I apologize for not getting pictures up sooner. I tried to just pick a few out but it's still a lot so sit back and enjoy! :) We went to Brian's squadron ball a few weeks back. We had such a fun time!
Gotta love the Cavalry and their Stetsons!

Matt and Brian had been working really hard lately since they were in charge of the Ball so we had Matt and Siobhan and Adam over the next night for a celebratory steak (and chicken) dinner. It was great to relax and enjoy the warm weather together.

Wrestling with Mr. Adam

Corn hole

Fun at the playground

Our 3 month old--he squeals and coos now. :)

Love this of Evan

We went to Brian's squadron Org Day

Watching a clown show while eating sno-cones.

Lunch time

I went to Mississippi to surprise my dear friend Jessica for her birthday. They are half-way through a 2-year deployment and her husband planned and coordinated the whole weekend. We hadn't seen each other since Hawaii and it was so awesome to catch up. (And Brian stayed home with all four kiddos so I REALLY enjoyed my time away. :) Thanks honey!!)

We went to Painting studio where we had dinner and then they taught us step-by-step how to paint this piece. It was so much fun and everyone's was unique.

Jess and her 3 adorable kids

Sweet Katie

Love you friend. Hang in there, you're doing amazing! :)

We went on a Backstage Tour of Chick-fil-a. It was really neat. They gave the kids booties and stickers and hats and we got to go back in the kitchen area and see how the make everything. I was impressed that they use fresh chicken breast (not frozen) and actually hand-batter it on the spot. No wonder it tastes better than some other places. :)

I found out about it because I'm get their emails but you can contact your local restaurant to set up a tour time. I think they're doing it for another month or so.

They even got to make their own ice cream cones!

I had LASIK eye surgery last week... and Brian got to watch! I am so glad I did it--it is wonderful to not have to worry about glasses or contacts anymore. I love it. :)

Attempting a pic of all the kids...

...not working... but I do like this one. :)

Here's a movie of the kids singing to me for Mother's Day.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Easter and More

We went to bed the night before Easter with it snowing outside... we are still definitely getting used to this Colorado weather!

Happy Easter... didn't feel much like Spring but still a wonderful day because HE IS RISEN!

Family shot after church--not very willing participants. :)

We had some friends over for lunch.

Couldn't do an Easter Egg Hunt outside so the guys hid them in the basement for the kids.

Checking out the haul... our friends brought LOTS of candy!

Bradley will be 3 months this weekend.

First time I've ever had snow on my birthday! We've never lived where it snows at the end of April...it was gone in a few hours though. :)

Smiley guy

Natalie shared some of her dollars with her brothers and they all bought paint at the Dollar store.

Popcorn at a friend's house.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you! :)