Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Quote Time!

Pictures of our trip to the Royal Gorge to come soon but in the meantime, here's the latest! :)

Natalie praying at dinner: "Dear Jesus, thank you for the dinner but I don't think I'm going to really like it."

Blake, seeing a man on a laptop at McDonalds: "Maybe he's playing on PBSkids.com!"

Natalie: "I wish I could be in a Disney movie." Me: "Why?" Natalie: "So I could be like Beauty and the Beast and have a mirror so I could see Daddy whenever I wanted."

Blake: "Can I have more pineapple trunks?" Natalie: "They're not trunks, they're junks!" (actually, chunks :)

(They also often call their favorite show Wild Kratts either Wild Cracks or Wild Craps.)

Natalie, down the stairs to Blake and Evan: "Kids! Time to go!"

Natalie, praying: "Dear God and Jesus, when I get old, I'll come see you."

Blake: "Natalie said stupid. Can you please give her a consequence, Daddy?"

Natalie: "Mom, a crock pot sounds like a pot you could cook a crocodile in!"

Blake, setting the table: "It's like I'm a chef and this is my restaurant!"

Natalie, sliding down our steps in a black trash bag: "Mom, you can wear it anyway you want because it doesn't have a tag in it!"

Natalie to Blake: "Daddy will throw you so high up in air that you can give Jesus a high-five and then come back down to Earth."

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The Irelands said...

Funny! Collin likes "wild craps" too. LOL