Saturday, June 4, 2011

Royal Gorge

We drove about an hour and a half south to visit the famous Royal Gorge. We ate a picnic lunch before going into the park. There were so many fun activities to do! I think this may have been the kids favorite part of the whole day.
Smiley guy

We rode an incline train down into the gorge. Pretty neat.

That's how low we were/how high the bridge is that we walked across!

You could walk around by the Arkansas River and then ride the train back up to the top.

Ready to walk across! A little scary!

So beautiful up there! You could see forever!

The tram that we later rode on.That's the river down there! Panning for gold

Horse carriage ride

Small petting zoo

In the tram

Back on the other side again.

Last stop--Bri and the kids went on a train ride (not this one of course, we were just waiting for our turn. :)

It was a very fun day with the family exploring Colorado!

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