Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Part Two and Quote Time

Here's the rest of the pictures! We had Adam over for a little cookout for Memorial Day.
Yummy Watermelon

We put a little pool up in our backyard. Great for quick cool-downs and a lot easier than carting everyone (and everything) to the pool! :)

Although it was really cold the first day!!

We took a drive around beautiful Colorado one day in search of campgrounds that would work for our family. Stopped for a picnic along the way.

So gorgeous!

The three amigos

Love that we get to explore so many different places.

And now here's the Denver Zoo pictures:

Polar Bear eating his lunch.

Us eating ours. :)

We came upon the bears... doing their "thing"-- Natalie said, "He's using her for a pillow." :)

We didn't plan this at all but Brian and Bradley were matching!

Swinging monkeys

It was such a fun day together--although I can't help but think about much more amazing it was to see the animals running free in Africa. Jealous of my parents living there now!

Quote Time!!

Blake: "Mom, is sugar a strong body food?"

Brian, at dinner at a particularly messy meal: "Evan, you're going to have to eat in a barn"

Natalie, singing, "E-I-E-I-O!"

Natalie: "But I don't want to obey you today!"

Blake: "You're such a Bando, Natalie"

Natalie: "No, you are!"

Brian: "What's a Bando?"

Blake: "You know... Oh I've come from Alabama with a Bando on my knee."

Natalie: "Mom, I just saw on TV, there's juice boxes that have Cars 2 on them and kids just love them! Can we get them?"

Blake, after accidentally poking Brian in the eye: "I know what's in your eye, Daddy. There's a cry in your eye!"

Natalie: "There's going to be a lot of people in heaven. It'll be like a restaurant!"

Me: "God will heal your boo-boo while you sleep, it'll be better in the morning."

Blake: "Is He going to put a band-aid on it?"

Blake: "If I throw a piece of cookie in the yard would it make a cookie tree?"

Natalie, playing dress-up: "Don't we just look so stylish?"

Natalie, as we were going through my teaching tubs for the garage sale: "Do you still remember how to teach or did you forget?" After I said yes, "Well then why don't you ever teach us anything?"

Evan is really making a lot of progress with his weekly speech teacher. She's so great with him and it's exciting to see him want to learn new words. He's starting to say some funny things now so we'll be adding him to this soon I'm sure. If you are in his way he says "beep beep!" and talks back to the TV--"Will you help me find the red ball?"-- "No!" :)

Hope you all are doing well. Thanks for reading this blog! :)

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