Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fun in NJ!

We are in New Jersey at my parents house for awhile. The kids loving being with "Nah-maw" and "Kaf-rin" as Blake calls them. We've been having lots of fun together. I'm going to a wedding in Texas over the weekend so they'll get some extra grandparents time and I get a little break and get to catch up with my college friends. I'm looking forward to it! :) Blake loves Katherine's big mirror (for her apartment)Decided to try to start Evan on rice cereal. He was not really into it... waiting a little bit and we'll try it again. He's growing and super hungry all the time--starting to wake up at night again so I think it's definitely time!

The nextdoor neighbors have an above ground pool and invited us to play in it with their grandkids. Lots of fun!

Tried Evan in their little floaty suit thing... he loved the water!

Went to the shore for the day... it's only an hour away but there was crazy traffic and took us 4 hours to get there! But it was wonderful to be on a beach again... I miss Hawaii.

The tide was coming in at the end of the day and it made this huge wading pool in the sand. The kids loved it because they could play without worrying about waves.

Grandma and Evan

Auntie Katherine
We had a Pampered Chef party for some of my mom's friends and their kids. It was a lot of fun.
You were supposed to use the cutters to cut out jigglers... Natalie and Blake definitely liked this part... they devoured all the jello!

Grandma's pool is quite awesome but now that the neighbors have been inviting us over, it doesn't seem as fun... they're still enjoying it though.
My Dad will be home for the weekend and also my brother David is coming to visit so they should have lots of fun while I'm gone for Kacie's wedding. More pictures of that to come soon! Thanks for all your help Mom and Kath. I appreciate you!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The rest of catching up...

Here's some of what we've been up to the last couple weeks. Katherine came for a couple of days. Love you sister!
Our church has a Wee Kidz camp once every two weeks during the summer for preschool age kids and their siblings. Melinda is one of the leaders for it. We went this week and the kids loved it.
Bible story about Jesus calming the waves.
Relay where you soak up water in a sponge and run to the other bucket and squeeze it out... what fun!
Fun with the baby pool at our house.

Sunning themselves on the porch. :)
Natalie went and found these animals and set them up because of the "goose kissing a moose" in the Down by the Bay song.
Cute baby Evan

My friend Laura was driving through PA and stopped in to see us for the day last week. So fun to catch up with her and her cute kiddos.
Brady is 3 months but pretty much the same size, even longer than Evan!
So fun to see you Laura! :)
Playmorning at Spring Creek

I had a Pampered Chef show down in Newport so we went down for the day so Grandpa and Bethany could watch the kids for me.
They had fun while Linda and I were away. :)

Love this one!
New dress from Grandma Gration. Thanks Mom!
Natalie is going to Vacation Bible School this week so I get to spend time with just Blake which doesn't happen that often. I went to a park with him this week. He's having a tough time with Brian being gone so I think it was really good for us to have special time.
Evan has mastered rolling over and tries to do it all the time. I was trying to change his diaper and this is what he kept doing.

They had a cookout after the first afternoon of VBS. It's every morning this week and so far, she loves it! She's learning stories and songs and most importantly about Jesus!
When I asked her what she learned, she said "There was bleed in the water, Mom!" (She was talking about the Moses and the plagues.)
Our busy life continues and then we're headed to NJ for awhile. Hope you're all enjoying your summer so far!