Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bald Eagle State Park

We found this great State Park about 15 minutes away and went for a little afternoon hike. It was pretty cold out but it was still beautiful. It's along a huge lake that you can actually go boating and swimming in the summer. Can't wait to try it out. (By the way, we got SNOW yesterday! Kids could hardly believe it... quite the change from Hawaii!)

The pictures say it all: Fun day as a Family. :)

Natalie's new coat. "Can I go out there too?" Making apple chips. Yummy Fall Treat.They love their Daddy Time.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Catching Up on Family Time

Just some pics of us hanging around being a family. :)

They started construction on a house behind ours. Brian took them to check out the big hole.

He's been waiting to get these from his parent's house since before we got married and now he's finally able to hang them up. Am I married to a Pennsylvania boy or what? :)

Can't tell you how excited I was to find this scene one day...
Attempts at family shots of all of us...
I said, attempts... :)

She's going to be the "Headless Natalie" for Halloween. :)
Getting silly....
Even sillier!
We finished hanging up curtains and pictures upstairs as well as rearranging the kid's bedrooms this weekend. I'll have to post some completed pics later.
Getting ready for the Penn State/Ohio State game on Saturday: Go PENN STATE! Blake brought the chips! :)
And now, some quotes from Natalie that I've been writing down lately:
" Can I have some more ice cream corns?" (candy corn)

"Baby cats are called mittens."

Natalie: "I don't want to take a nap."
Me: "But your body needs rest."
Natalie: "Okay, my body can sleep but I'll stay awake."

"I'm not 'honey' I'm Natalie. Daddy's 'honey' "

"Blake has cute hair, Mom."

"This store is so beautiful!" (It was Walmart.)

Natalie:"Mommy, I have a stone in my tummy!"
Me: "What? Show me." She points to her ribs.

"What are you guys doing? (she and Blake sitting in his closet)
"Oh, we're just looking at our website."

From our roadtrip to Taylor-she was getting restless and we told her to look and see Jesus through the sunroof at night.
She was mad and said, "But I don't see Him, only stars!"
The next night when we walked out of store and it was starting to get dark: "Mom, are you ready to see Jesus?!"

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Katherine and Kristin's Visit

Kath and her friend Kristin from Taylor came to visit us over their Fall Break the weekend before last. (I didn't have any pics on my camera so I finally got these from Kath...) We had a fun relaxing weekend together--talking and watching movies and playing with the kids--Natalie and Blake loved them so much!!

We found out that you actually ARE allowed to feed the ducks!

Fun with Stickers:

Kristin and Natalie chilling on the couch
Bath Time:
In Kath's words: "aunt katherine hasn't yet mastered the art of not getting water in their eyes."
Reading books before bedtime

Brian and I even got to go out to late movie Sat night.
Thanks for coming guys, and we had so much fun. And thanks for all your help! You're always welcome here! :)