Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bald Eagle State Park

We found this great State Park about 15 minutes away and went for a little afternoon hike. It was pretty cold out but it was still beautiful. It's along a huge lake that you can actually go boating and swimming in the summer. Can't wait to try it out. (By the way, we got SNOW yesterday! Kids could hardly believe it... quite the change from Hawaii!)

The pictures say it all: Fun day as a Family. :)

Natalie's new coat. "Can I go out there too?" Making apple chips. Yummy Fall Treat.They love their Daddy Time.


katherine said...

oh my gosh her coat!!!!! PERFECT. Don't forget halloween pics.

Tami said...

How fun! Love the apple chips! I may have to try that. What do you do? Your kids are adorable! You'll have to let me know what 3 is like:o) I thought you were living in Hawaii, then I thought, those pictures really don't look like Hawaii! haha

Randy & Laura said...

You do not look very pregnant in these pictures, momma :) You look amazing! So cute to see Blake marching around and Natalie's coat is beautiful, love it. AND I like the deer mounts! Looks they are both 10 pointers, wow. I'll bet Brian was excited to have them up after such a long time! They look great in that stairwell. Yes, I'm married to a PA boy too ;) we've got 2 deer mounts, a bear rug, a stuffed squirrel, I don't even know what else. Is Brian ready for hunting season to start after being in places where he couldn't hunt??