Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Yoder's Visit and Penn State Game

Brian's parents and sister, Bethany, came over on Saturday. It's great living so close!
Grandpa did Natalie's hair. Beautiful!
"Hey! Where did everybody go?!"
Dinner together--actually the first time I'd ever cooked for them since we've always lived so far away. Everything turned out okay, so I think I passed. :)
Brian wore his Penn State jersey to be ready for the big game. Another advantage of having family so close is that they can watch the kids for us sometimes! Thanks so much!
Tailgating is a serious way of life around here... people go all out, spend all day (weekend!) and really get into it. Many stores are closed on game days, people wear Penn State clothes all week and you can practically feel the excitement. This was a night game, plus the first Big Ten game, so people had been out there all day and were really pumped up by the time we arrived. I've never seen anything quite like it!
Fuzzy of me, but you can see the miles and miles of cars, RVs, and tents.Practice before the game. It was a "White Out" and literally everyone was wearing white and people had white pompoms. It was so loud too-somewhere around 110,000 people in the stadium!
You can see the few Illinois fans in orange...they really stuck out. :)

People were cheering and yelling and chanting all night. We were both a little hoarse after the game! The video is right before the game: "We are... Penn State!"
The team coming out on the field.
You can see the "S" in the stands... pretty cool.
It was fun to take a break from school and unpacking and just be together. Love you honey. Thanks for getting me into football. I love sharing it with you.

We won 38-24. Still undefeated this week too. Yay!

After the game, another party starts as people head back to their spots. I don't know if you can make it out very well, but you could hardly see the end of the rows and rows of people. On our way home from church the next day, we could still see RVs parked in the fields.
Sitting on Bethany after church. :)
Lunch time.
Bethany and Linda getting in a little XBox before they headed home.
Ready for another day of football... Go Steelers! :)


Linda said...

Gee...looks like MY house...We have so much Steeler stuff here! Yup...that PA Steeler blood runs deep...and it's addicting...I am a Steelers fan too!

The Penn State game reminds me a lot of this area...we are in a sea of purple here, though, and the stadium is not quite as big, but it's still neat to see everyone - man, woman, child - wearing purple or the "Powercat" somewhere on their bodies. Since purple is my favorite color, I fit right in!

Chelly said...

Hey! Good talking with you guys today! Congrats on the baby news! :) Looks like you guys had lots of fun at the game. Hope it works out for all of us to go in Nov. :)

See you all soon!

Vicki & Bruce said...

Went to a Md. game and tailgated last year-lots of fun, I agree! ALL those fans at the game have to pass thru Harrisburg on 322 on a Friday night-it's CRAZY to go anywhere near when there's a Penn State game! Great Fans, but don't get caught in the traffic!