Sunday, October 26, 2008

Katherine and Kristin's Visit

Kath and her friend Kristin from Taylor came to visit us over their Fall Break the weekend before last. (I didn't have any pics on my camera so I finally got these from Kath...) We had a fun relaxing weekend together--talking and watching movies and playing with the kids--Natalie and Blake loved them so much!!

We found out that you actually ARE allowed to feed the ducks!

Fun with Stickers:

Kristin and Natalie chilling on the couch
Bath Time:
In Kath's words: "aunt katherine hasn't yet mastered the art of not getting water in their eyes."
Reading books before bedtime

Brian and I even got to go out to late movie Sat night.
Thanks for coming guys, and we had so much fun. And thanks for all your help! You're always welcome here! :)


katherine said...

It was awesome. Thank you guys so much for having us. It was the perfect break. so restful and so much fun. THanks Yoders. I love you all.

The Stallings Family said...

Great pictures! Look like you are really enjoying your new home in Pennsylvania. Love to see all your pictures! You should have pictures of the house.....still haven't seen those yet. :) I want a house SO bad! It is the top on my wish list, but I want it somewhere besides Fort Lost in the Woods! :) How's PC going for you? Hope well. Talk to you later.