Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We're Here!

We made it to PA and have been staying with the Yoders for the past few weeks. Brian started classes this week and we're starting to feel a little bit more settled now that we've moved into our new house. We're still "camping" until our things arrive but we're having fun. In addition to lots of house hunting, here's some pictures of what we've been doing (I'm not putting comments because there's too many pics and it's taken me all week just to get them on here!) Lots of visiting with grandparents and Bethany, a weekend in NJ with the Gration grandparents and Katherine- playing in the water and feeding ducks, the Perry County Fair, loading the trailer up for a special campfire service at church, and some of the kids at our house.

The cutest blue-eyed blonde-haired little 13th month old you'll ever see! :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Week in Waikiki and Brian's Birthday

It's finally here! We are packed out of our house and will be leaving this weekend! For now, they put us up in a hotel in Waikiki until we leave this weekend. We have two connecting rooms and we're having fun enjoying the beach and the pool and just walking the streets pretending to be tourists. We're so excited to have this little mini-vacation before we start this next phase of life in PA. Please be praying with us that we'll find a house quickly and that things will go smoothly when we get there since we won't have much time before school starts for Brian. We know God's in control. :)

We had the fastest packers... they never took a break and were done at 3pm. They were really nice too... we just hope everything's in one piece on the other end!
Our hold baggage wasn't picked up til the next day so we had one final dinner to finish up our food: Hotdogs and Macaroni and cheese and Baked Beans. Wow. The Hillmans were downtown so they stopped by to see us and say one final goodbye. When they left, Natalie said, "I miss Carter already!"
Hard to believe when we met eachother, Natalie had just turned 1, Carter was about 7 months, Blake was tiny in my tummy and Katie wasn't even thought about yet. Now look at them!
The Yoders and the Hillmans
Just playin' in the sand... it was early in the morning and we didn't have our bathing suits on. Should have known they'd get all wet and sandy. Oh well. :)

Walking around after dinner one night.
I have some funny movies of this but it's taking forever just to upload pictures so I'll post them later. The kids are definitely having fun entertaining themselves without all their toys. :) Fries poolside... "peshull!"
At the beach
Definitely going to miss this view!
Trying to take a picture of the three of us by myself. Brian's been busy finishing up things during the day so unfortunately, he hasn't gotten to enjoy much of this little vacation!
She actually put herself in this safe and had to call for help. And yes, that's big girl underwear. Finally!! :)
Yummy ice cream
Not quite sure about this look, Natalie!
Splashing in a fountain

At the Hale Koa pool

He preferred to walk than swim. :)
Ready to go home!

Brian's Birthday was yesterday and he was out clearing for most of it. But when he came home, we surprised him with a cake that I picked up at a bakery down the street.
Helping blow out the candles.
Blake grabbed a fistful of frosting off the top!
Opening a few small presents.And I found this great company online that will deliver food from local restaurants to your hotel room so after the kids were in bed in their room, we had a delicious meal from Macaroni Grill. Brian was totally surprised and loved the lasagna, chicken parmigiano, salad and warm bread. Not too shabby for having to be in a hotel on your birthday! :)
Well... not sure when I'll get to post again but we love you all and look forward to seeing some of you really soon! Yay! And for those of you in Hawaii... we love you and will miss you. Keep in touch!