Friday, November 13, 2009

Quote Time

Pictures coming soon I promise--and yes, those ARE scissors! Natalie took this picture and I just saw it as I was taking them off our camera. Yikes!
Here's the latest out of the mouths of my babes...

Blake brought me a ripped piece of paper apparently wanting me to fix it. When I didn't respond, he thought a minute and said, "new batteries please!"

In the car the other day, Natalie said, "I want to be a steam eater when I get bigger." I kept asking questions trying to figure it out she was talking about. Finally she said, "You know, a steam eater, at Penn State, in the stadium." "Oh, a cheerleader?" "Yeah, that's what I said."

I pulled a carton of ice cream out of the freezer and Blake exclaimed, "Cake!!" Guess he doesn't get much ice cream at home and has gone to a lot of birthday parties lately! :)

Natalie and Blake were poking each other's eyes with their fingers (no idea why....) and I explained they could really hurt their eyes, they could even go blind! Natalie, not phased at all said, "That's okay, we'll just yell out 'Jesus! Jesus! Come save us!' and he'll come heal our eyes for us." Guess she's getting the Bible stories we read. :)

"Cindy's making clues!" (our neighbor making tracks in the snow in the driveway--from Blue's Clues)

Blake: "mash mato head" (Mr. Potato Head)
"cuh-wocs" (Crocs)
"bees yightyar" (buzz lightyear)
"Here not, here me come!" (playing hide and seek)
"This good Mom! This good!" (when we were trick or treating)
"Love you!" (he says this out of blue... and often... I love it. :)

Me: What were you doing upstairs?
Natalie: Oh, just putting my kids to bed.

Natalie: "Hallelujah, thine the glory. Hallelujah, AW MAN!"

We cleaned out some closets today and I was going to see if my neighbor had any use for some of the things before I gave them to the thrift shop. Natalie saw a potpourri candle thing and asked what it was for. I told her it makes your house smell good. "Does Cindy's house smell bad?"

Friday, November 6, 2009

Trick or Treat

We saw some pumpkins painted with faces and the kids wanted to paint theirs... so I got out paints and brushes thinking they'd turn out really cute... but there were no eyes, no ears, no mouths... just lots of paint everywhere and lots of kid creativity, I guess! :) We went to Moms and More Halloween Party. It was fun but there were a ton of kids and a ton of treats and candy so it was a little crazy!Natalie was Minnie Mouse, Blake a regular mouse and Evan was a spider. It was really cute-had little legs coming out but I never got a good picture of it. He got hot so I had to take the gray body part off right after this picture.
Pin the face on the pumpkin.

Evan playing blocks with Dracula (who is 1 day older! :)
Our budding pianist- my mom bought this for Natalie and all three kids have loved it!

Practicing standing (I put him like that...he isn't pulling up yet)
Trick or Treat time!

Brian was gone for the weekend so we went our neighbors, Jake and Cindy. Their son Nathan is Darth Vader.
Cindy stayed home to pass out candy with her younger son Ben so she kept Evan too. The older kids went out to trick or treat.
Poor Blake, it was hard to keep up with the big kids... he made it halfway and then I took him back home while Natalie and Nathan kept going with Jake. It was lots of fun and they got plenty of candy that Brian is enjoying. They forgot about it after the first day which I'm not complaining about! :)

Little Evan at the hospital... we met with an ENT doctor and he recommended PE tubes to help keep his eardrum from rupturing. So I drove about an hour away for him to have them put in. It was a short procedure but he did have to be put under, and wear that little mask to protect him from swine flu while we waited. He did great and all the nurses loved him and hopefully his ears will be a little better from now on.

Hunting Weekend

There was a special weekend where military and seniors and juniors could go doe hunting so we went to Brian's parents house so he could hunt. He didn't get anything this time, although he saw a buck and Natalie a doe right in the backyard! We had a fun weekend and the official hunting season is coming up soon so stay tuned! :)
The new special tradition is to have "colored cheerios" (fruit loops) at Grandma's since we don't normally have them at home. They ate many a bowl on this bench on the porch. I remember eating Corn Bran cereal at my grandma's house growing up--she used to give us sandwich baggies of it to take on the car rides home. I love memories. :)

Oops... falling over!
Aunt Bethany and Evan
The hunters home for lunch of tomato soup and grilled cheese. Another fun tradition.
Brian let Natalie look through the scope.
Pretty hair from Bethany
Ready to go back in the woods. (Brian's dad wasn't hunting--he just kept him company :)
Look at Evan with the basket. :)
McDonald's for dinner (thanks to Grandma's free coupons!)
Blake came out of his room after being put to bed. We told him to go back to bed and we thought he did and then later when we went to bed.... guess what we found? :)
Reading books with GrandmaEvan and Poppa

Fun weekend with family. We're already realizing our time living so close will be up sooner than we think.... gotta make the most of it before we're far away again. :)