Friday, November 6, 2009

Trick or Treat

We saw some pumpkins painted with faces and the kids wanted to paint theirs... so I got out paints and brushes thinking they'd turn out really cute... but there were no eyes, no ears, no mouths... just lots of paint everywhere and lots of kid creativity, I guess! :) We went to Moms and More Halloween Party. It was fun but there were a ton of kids and a ton of treats and candy so it was a little crazy!Natalie was Minnie Mouse, Blake a regular mouse and Evan was a spider. It was really cute-had little legs coming out but I never got a good picture of it. He got hot so I had to take the gray body part off right after this picture.
Pin the face on the pumpkin.

Evan playing blocks with Dracula (who is 1 day older! :)
Our budding pianist- my mom bought this for Natalie and all three kids have loved it!

Practicing standing (I put him like that...he isn't pulling up yet)
Trick or Treat time!

Brian was gone for the weekend so we went our neighbors, Jake and Cindy. Their son Nathan is Darth Vader.
Cindy stayed home to pass out candy with her younger son Ben so she kept Evan too. The older kids went out to trick or treat.
Poor Blake, it was hard to keep up with the big kids... he made it halfway and then I took him back home while Natalie and Nathan kept going with Jake. It was lots of fun and they got plenty of candy that Brian is enjoying. They forgot about it after the first day which I'm not complaining about! :)

Little Evan at the hospital... we met with an ENT doctor and he recommended PE tubes to help keep his eardrum from rupturing. So I drove about an hour away for him to have them put in. It was a short procedure but he did have to be put under, and wear that little mask to protect him from swine flu while we waited. He did great and all the nurses loved him and hopefully his ears will be a little better from now on.

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The Hillmans said...

Wow, they sure are getting big. Glad to see the Yoders doing well. We talk about you all the time. Looking forward to a reunion one of these days, and introducing the betrothed! :) How is Brian's school going? Will he finish this summer? When will he find out his branch/post? Write back when you can.

The Hillmans