Friday, November 6, 2009

Hunting Weekend

There was a special weekend where military and seniors and juniors could go doe hunting so we went to Brian's parents house so he could hunt. He didn't get anything this time, although he saw a buck and Natalie a doe right in the backyard! We had a fun weekend and the official hunting season is coming up soon so stay tuned! :)
The new special tradition is to have "colored cheerios" (fruit loops) at Grandma's since we don't normally have them at home. They ate many a bowl on this bench on the porch. I remember eating Corn Bran cereal at my grandma's house growing up--she used to give us sandwich baggies of it to take on the car rides home. I love memories. :)

Oops... falling over!
Aunt Bethany and Evan
The hunters home for lunch of tomato soup and grilled cheese. Another fun tradition.
Brian let Natalie look through the scope.
Pretty hair from Bethany
Ready to go back in the woods. (Brian's dad wasn't hunting--he just kept him company :)
Look at Evan with the basket. :)
McDonald's for dinner (thanks to Grandma's free coupons!)
Blake came out of his room after being put to bed. We told him to go back to bed and we thought he did and then later when we went to bed.... guess what we found? :)
Reading books with GrandmaEvan and Poppa

Fun weekend with family. We're already realizing our time living so close will be up sooner than we think.... gotta make the most of it before we're far away again. :)

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