Saturday, October 31, 2009

Catching Up

We've had a busy past couple of weeks... trying to catch up a little tonight. Enjoy! :) Brian's dad came down for an overnight a couple weekends ago.... they went to the Bloomsburg Fair to check out the monster trucks and of course eat lots of Fair Food!

Maggie (from Life Group) turned 4 so we went to her party.These kids love hanging out together... and the mommies and daddies like each other too! Brian started watching Monday Night Football together with the guys. (A modified version of his cousin PJ's ManTown :) They do NFL Pro Pickem each week... and I'm actually doing it too and I'm only one point behind the leader--I think they all wish I wasn't playing! :)
Fun in the bouncy house

Ryan pushing Natalie on the swing

My mom came to speak at our MOPS group on personalities. She did a great job and everyone wants to know when she's coming back! :)

She was here a couple days... ... out on a walk in our neighborhood.

... to the playground.

... to a local farm for a corn maze, picking pumpkins and apples and buying cider.

My mom has a lot of great pictures but I was holding Evan but I haven't gotten them from her... so these will have to do.

Evan is definitely our most photogenic baby!

We got a huge box of books from my aunt and the kids have just devoured them. They love to read... which I guess they get from both of us... I'm not complaining, it's a great thing!

Evan helping Daddy with his homework.

Family Pizza night watching football.

Brian and I usually have dinner (and it's usually pizza) after the kids go to bed Saturday nights... it's our little mini-date night. But sometimes we do it all together--they thought it was special to eat on the floor... "pic-a-nic! pic-a-nic!" as Blake says. .:)

Riding bikes- I know, we need helmets.
(This was actually the day after all the snow! It melted as quickly as it came!)

Our cute kiddos getting tickled by Daddy. More to come...


Katherine said...

Such good pictures... though you realize you will never get any comments now that everyone just gets email alerts..

I love that lat photo of all three of them being tickled. Evan looks particularly cute in it.

katherine said...

hahaha I'm going through your pictures and the one of blake at the playground.... he looks like the guy from the shinning. hahah so scary