Friday, October 16, 2009


Yesterday, it started snowing in the afternoon--only the middle of October and there's already snow! We're still a little awestruck after living in Hawaii for two winters. Snow is still fun for us! :) Dinner time!
It snowed all afternoon and the grass was white when we went to bed But when we woke up today, it was a winter wonderland outside! Wow!Natalie and Blake played outside for awhile this morning although we don't really have all the winter gear that we need yet (weren't quite ready for this so soon!)
Evan wishes he could be outside... actually he's pretty content to scoot around the floor. Still no crawling... he pushes up on all fours, and then sticks his rear in the air like the bear crawl but just stays in that position, somtimes lifting up one leg at a time. I think he's trying to work his core! :)

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katherine said...

Ok is it just me or is evan getting cuter and cuter everytime you put up pictures? Seriously... he's becoming more adorable.