Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Armor School Graduation

We went to Brian's graduation on Friday. We just happened to sit right acrosss the aisle from him. Aunt Debbie came too and was a great help trying to keep all three kids quiet during the ceremony. Thanks!
Family picture in front of General Patton's portrait.

Way to go, Brian. We're proud of you!
Brian with Aunt Debbie-so glad you could celebrate with us.
Windy Day!!

Uncle Larry came down after work and they took us out to dinner to celebrate. Thanks. It's been fun to get to hang out with you guys so much. (Also, they watched the kids overnight for us a few weeks back so we could go out to dinner with Brian's friends and stay in a hotel in Louisville. We appreciate you!!)

Less than 3 weeks and we're on our way to Colorado!!

Catching up...

Natalie is really into writing lately... she's constantly sounding out words and writing messages and stories. She wrote this for me one day... Bottom row first: "I luv you Mommy becuz you luv me so much" See how she had to make some new letters out of paper. :)
We went back to our favorite lake for a LONG walk one day... we went all the way up the left side this time. The kids had so much fun climbing on the rocks.
Run, run, run!!
Picnic lunch afterwards... we'd worked up quite an appetite!
Blakey and Mommy
Playing with friends... found a frog in their yard!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pumpkin Patch!

News first... we are still in Kentucky and will be for a few more weeks. Brian passed his Armor School and now has an additional school here at the post. We're enjoying our time but definitely ready to be settled as a family with our things again!

Other big news... we had the ultrasound yesterday... baby looks good and they think that it's a BOY. They weren't able to fully tell so they're giving me another ultrasound in 3 weeks to check again. We thought this might be a girl since I was pretty sick again this time and wasn't sick at all with the boys... but we're very happy and I guess Natalie will get to reign as Daddy's princess. :)

My computer isn't letting me load any more pictures right now but here's some from when we went to a Pumpkin Patch with one of the families from Brian's school last week. It was a very crisp fall day but we had a great time. Actually headed out to another one this afternoon. I love this season! :)

They had lots of activities for the kids. A silo filled with "corn tables" and lots of trucks and shovels and pails. Not sure what Evan's expression means here... Julia and her daughter Laura-she's just a few months younger than Evan. On the tractor hayride. It was really informative... he stopped to teach us all about the apple trees and then all about pumpkins. Picking pumpkins... we thought we were moving so we just got baby ones.

Finding just the right one...

We had an impromptu picnic with their homemade bread, homemade peanut butter, apples and apple cider.
Fun day! More to come when I can...

Monday, October 4, 2010

Veggie Tales and Visits

We went back to Aunt Debbie and Uncle Larry's for a visit one day. Had loads of fun playing all day together. What a blessing to get to know these relatives while we're here. Thanks for "adopting" us!! :)

Playing out back... swings and sandbox.
Yummy ice pops
Trying out the bikes again.
Music lessons with Uncle Larry.
Great to spend time with you again Kate.
Making cookies after dinner.
Dressed in pjs, ready to go home. Thanks for the fun day!
I took the kids to see Veggie Tales Live in Cincinnati. They LOVE Veggie Tales and I got a great discount so it was worth the 2 1/2 hour trip. Although Blake obviously didn't like the 45 minute wait before the show started! :)
The show was great, they did all the favorite songs plus they sang to a bunch of 80's songs and had little stories and lessons. The kids absolutely loved it. Fun memory!(I tried posting a movie but it wouldn't let me... go to the Big Idea website for more info on the tour dates and to see video clips.)
After the show, we met up with my cousin Mark and his family to watch the Homecoming Parade for the high school where Johanna teaches.
Picking up all the candy.

Wow, what a haul! Early Halloween. :)
We spent the night with them... the kids had so much fun together-- playing with toys, dressing up, dancing, staying up late. What a great time.
Woah, scary Hayden and Blake!
The only picture of me (thanks to Blake) and somehow I didn't get a single one of Johanna. Sorry!
Pizza dinner
Princesses Chloe and Natalie
Happy Evan

Thanks so much for letting us come visit. We had a great time!