Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Armor School Graduation

We went to Brian's graduation on Friday. We just happened to sit right acrosss the aisle from him. Aunt Debbie came too and was a great help trying to keep all three kids quiet during the ceremony. Thanks!
Family picture in front of General Patton's portrait.

Way to go, Brian. We're proud of you!
Brian with Aunt Debbie-so glad you could celebrate with us.
Windy Day!!

Uncle Larry came down after work and they took us out to dinner to celebrate. Thanks. It's been fun to get to hang out with you guys so much. (Also, they watched the kids overnight for us a few weeks back so we could go out to dinner with Brian's friends and stay in a hotel in Louisville. We appreciate you!!)

Less than 3 weeks and we're on our way to Colorado!!


Adam Hegedus said...

Congrats Brian!

Fairytaylz said...

Yes, congrats Brian and I just want to say that you all are so beautiful! Jen, you are just radiant and you and Brian and such a precious couple. I love that you take so many photos together, just the two of you... It's so great! Miss you guys! xoxo