Monday, October 4, 2010

Veggie Tales and Visits

We went back to Aunt Debbie and Uncle Larry's for a visit one day. Had loads of fun playing all day together. What a blessing to get to know these relatives while we're here. Thanks for "adopting" us!! :)

Playing out back... swings and sandbox.
Yummy ice pops
Trying out the bikes again.
Music lessons with Uncle Larry.
Great to spend time with you again Kate.
Making cookies after dinner.
Dressed in pjs, ready to go home. Thanks for the fun day!
I took the kids to see Veggie Tales Live in Cincinnati. They LOVE Veggie Tales and I got a great discount so it was worth the 2 1/2 hour trip. Although Blake obviously didn't like the 45 minute wait before the show started! :)
The show was great, they did all the favorite songs plus they sang to a bunch of 80's songs and had little stories and lessons. The kids absolutely loved it. Fun memory!(I tried posting a movie but it wouldn't let me... go to the Big Idea website for more info on the tour dates and to see video clips.)
After the show, we met up with my cousin Mark and his family to watch the Homecoming Parade for the high school where Johanna teaches.
Picking up all the candy.

Wow, what a haul! Early Halloween. :)
We spent the night with them... the kids had so much fun together-- playing with toys, dressing up, dancing, staying up late. What a great time.
Woah, scary Hayden and Blake!
The only picture of me (thanks to Blake) and somehow I didn't get a single one of Johanna. Sorry!
Pizza dinner
Princesses Chloe and Natalie
Happy Evan

Thanks so much for letting us come visit. We had a great time!

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