Tuesday, January 29, 2008


We went to the playground for Blake's first time on the swings. He loved it!
Check out those rolls! 6 months old and he's 21.2 lbs and 27 inches!

Natalie helping push Blake. What a great big sister!
Fun times in the tunnel. Now they can BOTH play at the playground!

Another video of the kids... everyone got a little hungry and tired waiting for Daddy the other night. :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Just Hangin' Around

Still trying to figure out how to push the pedals.

We knew Justin and Victoria and their daughter, Melanie, in Germany and they just moved here so we had them over for dinner this weekend. We took them on a walk around our neighborhood. We are so blessed to live in such a pretty place.

Look how strong I'm getting!
Blake loves to smile for the camera. Brian took the kids out on Saturday and came home with this cute dress and two new pairs of shoes for Natalie. Maybe I'll just leave the shopping to him all the time! :)
So we had a photo shoot after church...

Our neighbors had a yard sale on Saturday and so we picked up this slide for a few bucks. FUN!
Blake LOVES eating!
"Hey everyone, check out the shoes I got at the yard sale."
Those pink shoes are one of the new pairs. Adorable.
Look who swiped the PB jar off the counter when I wasn't looking! Good thing it was almost empty!
Have a great week everyone! :)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Lots of Firsts!

We're 99% back in the groove after vacation... it takes awhile to readjust to everything! Since we've been home, lots of new things have happened. Take a look.

First time at Chuck E Cheeses! (For Brian too!) We had a friend's birthday party there...lots of fun!
Even Blake got to try out a few rides. Natalie giving her chalk and little doggies a snack. :)
A big first: Rice cereal! He LOVED it!!
You'd think he was starving the way he gobbles it down!
Yum Yum! "I'm not there yet but I'm trying to crawl too!"
She's going through a thing where she will look away from the camera and refuse to smile whenever I try to get a picture... looks a little forced, huh?
Another new first: sitting up!! Still a little wobbly but Blake is very excited about this new accomplishment and cries if you try to lay him on his back!
Until Natalie comes along to entertain him.
She loves to copy whatever he's doing. :)

Practicing sitting up AND eating at the same time! :)
The first time Daddy went to a Hawaiian junk yard.
He replaced the whole "motherboard" and now the AC in our van works again. You're so handy, hon! Thank you!
First time wearing long sleeves and pants since last January. It was 64 when we woke up yesterday! Got into the 80s by the afternoon though. (Just wanted to make you jealous! It's great here... Come visit... we have a spare bedroom! :)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Christmas in Pennsylvania!

We spent our second week of vacation in PA with Brian's family. We had a fabulous time with everyone!!

It's becoming a tradition: breakfast at McDonalds. Thank you! :)

Michelle and Chris Blake with his new tool from Grandpa.
Natalie got a cookie scoop! Michelle and Allie
Grandpa's Hawaiian windchimes and screwdriver set.Bathtime for the boys: Adam and Blake And for the girls: Natalie and Allie Brian's relatives came to visit for the weekend: Grandma, Uncle Pete and Aunt Liz, Uncle Enos, and Aunt Clarellen. Great to see you guys! Playing Catchphrase! Fun!
The brothers and their boys.
We watched lots of bowl games... and ate TONS of Middleswarth chips and lots of Christmas cookies including Buckeye Balls!
Hanging out at the Aguilars. Grandma D. with Blake
What a great picture! :)
Everyone liked helping feed Blake.
It snowed! Natalie's first real experience with snow. She loved it!
Making a snow angel-her first and last time to wear a snowsuit for awhile! :)The cute cousins: Natalie and AllieWe loved seeing all the beautiful snow. Quite a contrast to sunny Hawaii! Grandpa is so creative... Having fun on a snow ride behind the tractor!

Redneck Sledding :)
Venison Stew over the fire to warm us up!
Helping Daddy stoke the fire.
Bethany and Blake
Checking out the local news. :)
The Cousins: Adam, Allie, Blake and Natalie Grandpa and Ed... ready to go! Ed and Ginny gave us lots of presents, including Blake's first set of hunting attire!
Our family :)
It's was Grandma's birthday while we were there.
Happy Birthday Grandma! 87!
Thank you so much for such a wonderful visit! We always love coming home and appreciate all you do for us. Thanks for all the presents and meals and fun times together. We love you!