Monday, January 14, 2008

Christmas in Pennsylvania!

We spent our second week of vacation in PA with Brian's family. We had a fabulous time with everyone!!

It's becoming a tradition: breakfast at McDonalds. Thank you! :)

Michelle and Chris Blake with his new tool from Grandpa.
Natalie got a cookie scoop! Michelle and Allie
Grandpa's Hawaiian windchimes and screwdriver set.Bathtime for the boys: Adam and Blake And for the girls: Natalie and Allie Brian's relatives came to visit for the weekend: Grandma, Uncle Pete and Aunt Liz, Uncle Enos, and Aunt Clarellen. Great to see you guys! Playing Catchphrase! Fun!
The brothers and their boys.
We watched lots of bowl games... and ate TONS of Middleswarth chips and lots of Christmas cookies including Buckeye Balls!
Hanging out at the Aguilars. Grandma D. with Blake
What a great picture! :)
Everyone liked helping feed Blake.
It snowed! Natalie's first real experience with snow. She loved it!
Making a snow angel-her first and last time to wear a snowsuit for awhile! :)The cute cousins: Natalie and AllieWe loved seeing all the beautiful snow. Quite a contrast to sunny Hawaii! Grandpa is so creative... Having fun on a snow ride behind the tractor!

Redneck Sledding :)
Venison Stew over the fire to warm us up!
Helping Daddy stoke the fire.
Bethany and Blake
Checking out the local news. :)
The Cousins: Adam, Allie, Blake and Natalie Grandpa and Ed... ready to go! Ed and Ginny gave us lots of presents, including Blake's first set of hunting attire!
Our family :)
It's was Grandma's birthday while we were there.
Happy Birthday Grandma! 87!
Thank you so much for such a wonderful visit! We always love coming home and appreciate all you do for us. Thanks for all the presents and meals and fun times together. We love you!


Jason & Erin said...

You got some great pictures!! It was so good to see you over Christmas. Hope it works out for you all to be on the East coast soon!

Bethany said...

What memories!It was so great having everyone home for the holidays.Love the movie.

Vicki & Bruce said...

What nice pictures of everyone together! So cute to see Brian & Chris with their boys! Love the Yoder family and glad that you are now a part of it! Their house looks so cozy and beautiful and looks like everyone is happy to be together!

Randy & Laura said...

Oh my goodness... I'm guessing most of the pictures are at Brian's parent's "new" house... it is beautiful! And I love the fireplace! I think the best picture (they're all so fun though) are the 2 boys getting a bath in the sink. :)

Katherine said...

awww those pitures are so cute. The one with Natalie on Brian's back is especialy adorable!!! And Grandpa feeding Blakey Boy!!! So cute