Saturday, January 12, 2008

New Jersey Christmas (Part Two!)

Okay, I'm back with the rest of our vacation pictures. Christmas Morning Natalie loved opening presents this year. Julie and Blake Yay! Natalie loves animals!
Oh, how stylish! :)
Getting some help from Grandma.
Love you, Mom!
(As usual, there were several days when we came downstairs wearing the exact same outfits!)

What a mess!
Preparing the Christmas Dinner. Yummy!Our pretty table complete with shrimp cocktail.
Ready to eat lots of food and drink plenty of sparkling cider!Uncle Jonathan being silly. David loved his new Redskins blanket we gave him.My parents got a ping-pong table for Christmas.
Lots of fun... we even had tournaments. Julie is really good! :)

Katherine making pizza

Thanks so much for everything, Mom and Dad. It was wonderful to be home with you for Christmas. Thank you for all the thoughtful gifts, great meals and lasting memories. We love you!

(PA pics will be coming soon...)


katherine said...

mmmmhmmm. Who picked out that santa outfit for blake? That would be me. Never seen a cuter baby. All do to me... and yours and brian's genes. But mostly me.

Vicki & Bruce said...

Thanks for the glimpse into your family life! Now I can see what makes you the lovely person that you are! So glad to have you in our home this Christmas!