Thursday, January 17, 2008

Lots of Firsts!

We're 99% back in the groove after vacation... it takes awhile to readjust to everything! Since we've been home, lots of new things have happened. Take a look.

First time at Chuck E Cheeses! (For Brian too!) We had a friend's birthday party there...lots of fun!
Even Blake got to try out a few rides. Natalie giving her chalk and little doggies a snack. :)
A big first: Rice cereal! He LOVED it!!
You'd think he was starving the way he gobbles it down!
Yum Yum! "I'm not there yet but I'm trying to crawl too!"
She's going through a thing where she will look away from the camera and refuse to smile whenever I try to get a picture... looks a little forced, huh?
Another new first: sitting up!! Still a little wobbly but Blake is very excited about this new accomplishment and cries if you try to lay him on his back!
Until Natalie comes along to entertain him.
She loves to copy whatever he's doing. :)

Practicing sitting up AND eating at the same time! :)
The first time Daddy went to a Hawaiian junk yard.
He replaced the whole "motherboard" and now the AC in our van works again. You're so handy, hon! Thank you!
First time wearing long sleeves and pants since last January. It was 64 when we woke up yesterday! Got into the 80s by the afternoon though. (Just wanted to make you jealous! It's great here... Come visit... we have a spare bedroom! :)


Chelly said...

Hey guys! :) We got your card this week - thanks! :) Great family pic! :) We really enjoyed visiting with you all too! The holidays always go by so fast!!
Keep praying that we get PA for our next duty station! It would be so cool if we all lived close!! :p Enjoy the long weekend!!

Katherine said...

Awww I miss you guys so much! Blake is so adorable sitting up and eating cereal! I love you sister!

Sarah said...

Wow, I sure missed a lot on your blog. While in the process of moving I've been slow at keeping up with blogs, but I'm back! The family looks great. I might have to try those Buckeye Balls... looks good!

The Hillmans said...

Awesome updates guys! We loved reading up on all we missed while everyone was home for the holidays. I think we might have to try those buckeye balls too! It's sad but we just realized yesterday that we've been friends for over a year now and never been out to eat togehter. We're looking forward to it!