Tuesday, January 29, 2008


We went to the playground for Blake's first time on the swings. He loved it!
Check out those rolls! 6 months old and he's 21.2 lbs and 27 inches!

Natalie helping push Blake. What a great big sister!
Fun times in the tunnel. Now they can BOTH play at the playground!

Another video of the kids... everyone got a little hungry and tired waiting for Daddy the other night. :)


The Stallings Family said...

Great videos! Natalie is a little talker. We are still trying to get Mallory to talk. She is as stubborn as her Mommy and Daddy! :) We love seeing all your pics.

katherine said...

Oh my gosh jen. soooo cute. I love seeing video. I miss them so much it hurts! Please come home soon. Love you, sista

Chelly said...

Blake is getting so big! What cute kiddos! :) Thanks for sharing! :)

Jason & Erin said...

I think Blake weighs the same as Ryleigh! :)

They are so cute!