Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Just Hangin' Around

Still trying to figure out how to push the pedals.

We knew Justin and Victoria and their daughter, Melanie, in Germany and they just moved here so we had them over for dinner this weekend. We took them on a walk around our neighborhood. We are so blessed to live in such a pretty place.

Look how strong I'm getting!
Blake loves to smile for the camera. Brian took the kids out on Saturday and came home with this cute dress and two new pairs of shoes for Natalie. Maybe I'll just leave the shopping to him all the time! :)
So we had a photo shoot after church...

Our neighbors had a yard sale on Saturday and so we picked up this slide for a few bucks. FUN!
Blake LOVES eating!
"Hey everyone, check out the shoes I got at the yard sale."
Those pink shoes are one of the new pairs. Adorable.
Look who swiped the PB jar off the counter when I wasn't looking! Good thing it was almost empty!
Have a great week everyone! :)


Vicki & Bruce said...

I remember a conversation, years ago, around our kitchen table with Brian, Liz & Michelle about shoes! He had some definite likes & dislikes about what shoes he would want his wife to wear! So I can imagine him picking out those shoes at the store for Natalie!

Katherine said...

man these kids are cute. Natalie is becoming a little model! and blakeyboy is getting so big. Sitting up already! Give them both a kiss for me. I love you guys!

Linda said...

Hey Jen! Man, you need to turn your RSS feed on (it's in the settings section, under site feed) - I never remember to check your blog and it took me the better part of 30 minutes just to catch up!!!!

Let me tell you, your boy is SO cute...he IS always smiling! And I can't believe Natalie's growing so quickly!

Had to laugh at the pushing pedals thing...Scotty STILL can't and he's headed on 4! But he can ride a scooter like no man's business! Hannah never did like pedals much either!