Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Playing and a New Playground

Playing "superman" on our feet one evening. :)
Natalie loves music and dancing to it (and making a mess of her room, I might add!)
Blake has quite the dancing moves too. He squats and bounces up and down with a huge grin whenever you say "dance" or if he hears any kind of music--even from a tv commercial or when we're out. It's cute.
Blake is so into books these days.
We found a new playground/park in Bellefonte (a few minutes drive from us). They are building one in our neighborhood but it's not done yet so this is definitely a place we'll be frequenting a lot in the future!
From the kids point of view, the best part is the ducks!
You can't feed them so Natalie was telling them, "We have no bread, ducks. We can't feed you. We don't have any, okay ducks?"

And it has a fun fountain for splashing. :)
"But wait, I want to go back to the ducks!"
They had fun running around the playground and swinging.
Bellefonte really is a beautiful place. It's an old Victorian town and has "small town charm" that I've never really experienced in the States (only in Europe). We have much more to explore but it's great so far! :)
We actually saw someone getting married in this gazebo one day.

Blake finally started cutting teeth over Labor Day (yeah, not a single tooth til 13 months!) You can see the bottom two in this picture. And now he's a teething machine with 4 teeth and several more about to pop through... and so of course he's quite fussy and drooly but you couldn't tell from these pics!
Pretty sky
And to leave you in suspense... check back tomorrow for some BIG news....


katherine said...

Awww so beautiful I miss you all. Give us some belly shots please... I like the preggers jen. CONGRATULATIONS on the boy!!!

Vicki & Bruce said...

Have to agree! Bellefonte is a charming, quaint place. Only passed through once, but was duly impressed! After living in Hawaii, it's a different kind of beauty! Glad you are all here-waiting now for the other Yoders to move to PA!

Ledell said...

Interesting to know.