Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Delgrossos and July 4th!

We went to Delgrosso's with our Life Group. It's a family amusement park that has a great kiddie area. It's free to get in, you just pay per ride so you can decide how much you want to do. The kids absolutely loved it and it's only 1/2 hour away so we're going to have to go again when Brian gets back!

Ryan spinning them in the Dizzy Dragon.
Train ride
Blake reached into the water and got his arm all wet!

Dinner time with everyone. They all helped me out with the kids since Brian wasn't there... thanks guys! You're the best!
The rest of us missed the pink shirt and jeans memo. :)

Feeding Evan one last time before we headed home.
We had a cookout at Mike and Courtney's... great food and friends!
Alayna and Evan... so cute.
Playing Bocce Ball (or however you spell it)
Clara and Blake playing with chalk.
Natalie found yet another salamander.

Mike helped the kids do sparklers.

They live right near a field that has a perfect view of the fireworks. We all walked over and set out our blankets and waited for it to get dark. State College is actually pretty famous for it's fireworks display.
Hard to see but the Stadium is on the left of the pictures.

Happy 4th of July!! I am always epecially proud to be an Army wife (and Air Force daughter and sister, and Marine sister-in-law...). Thank you to all those who serve to protect our freedom!

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