Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Twirl Skirt, Burp Cloths and Awesome Diaper and Wipe Case!

My good friend Christy is an incredible seamstress. She made this adorable twirl skirt and shirt for Natalie and would love to make one for your daughter or friend too! :) She makes custom bags, purses, quilts, blankets and burp cloths among many other things. Her company is Creative Blessings and she'll work with you to make whatever you want!

Check out her website HERE or her Etsy HERE and "like" her on Facebook to stay current with her latest projects. Order something for yourself or stock up on some unique gifts for friends!
What girl doesn't love to twirl? :)

She also made these great burp cloths for Bradley. They have a cloth diaper inside so they are extra absorbent and hold up really well to lots of washings.

And this Diaper/Wipe case is just awesome! It has two compartments-one for diapers and one for a small wipes container. It has an opening in the front so you can don't have to pull the whole container out to get a wipe.
And the best part is the strap--I just throw it over my shoulder to take to church for Evan since the bigger diaper bag goes with Bradley. I love it! It would make an great baby shower gift!

I wish I had more pictures of all the amazing things she's made... be sure to check out her site!

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