Saturday, June 18, 2011

Picnics, Zoo, Circus and more!--Part One

After sorting through 500+ pictures and picking the best ones, I still have a million more to post so this will have to be in 2 parts so as not to overwhelm you all! :) We went to the Denver Zoo and also to the Children's Museum last week while Brian was still on leave. This is starting from hotel and then the Museum. I'll get the Zoo and previous pics up tomorrow or so. Enjoy! We put the kids side by side longways on the bed. It worked! And Evan is officially done with his night-time paci after he fell and cut his tongue really deeply... couldn't have it that night and hasn't asked for it yet. Yay! Now on to potty training!
Children's Museum--fire fighter station
Playing Vet-it was cute, they had lab coats, stuffed animals and doctor kits to work on the animals. They loved it.

Grocery Store

Blake checking out

Bubble room--very messy but lots of fun!

Break for lunch

Painting/Art room

Huge magnetic board. Natalie had so much fun making up crazy sentences.
Passed Invesco Field on the way home... if they play the Steelers, we're there! :)

We got free tickets from the Army for the circus so even though we were all tired from the trip, I took the kids the next day.

Tight-wire rope... my favorite part.

Cotton candy... their favorite part. :)



Then we had VBS all week--the kids were wiped out each afternoon.
Bradley's 4 months old-- "talking" all the time now.

Last day at VBS--they had so much fun and learned a lot at "Panda Camp" (It was actually at a different church than ours but I wanted Blake to get to go this year--ours will be in July but is only for Kindergarten and up.)

Attempting to get all of them smiling... never works. :)

Part Two coming soon! :)

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