Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Another Week

Evan is 3 1/2 weeks old now... that feels like such a short time, and yet it's hard to remember when he wasn't with us. He's a sweet baby although he wants to eat ALL the time, even in the night... but I guess that's what newborns do. :) Here's some pictures of us hanging around this week. The kids are ready for it to warm up so they can play outside more. We've been bundling up and going out back anyway just so they can run off some energy.

Playing on the couches

When we eat dinner it seems like Evan always wants to eat too.
Trying out the bouncer. He loves it.

Hello World!


katherine said...

ohh my goodness!! He's so cute! Everyone looks so happy and good. I can't wait to see you guys!!

Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

He's a doll baby! Congratulations!

brian said...

Your children are awfully cute.

katherine said...

uhhh helllllo?! put some more pictures up crazy!