Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Kids, Gym Class and Motorcycle Rides

Our THREE kids!
I had taken Blake's outfit off after dinner because he got really messy. Natalie took off hers too, sat in this chair with him and said, "Mom, can you take a picture of us? We're so cute!"

My mom came back for a few days this week. She was such a HUGE help... with the kids, the baby, meals, laundry, cleaning, letting me sleep, and just hanging out with us. Thank you so much Mom, we love you and appreciate all you did for us!! You're the best!!
Natalie had her last gym class last week. It was special that Grandma was here to see her in action. Gotta love the Minnie Mouse underwear! :)
It wasn't snowing at all when we arrived and 45 minutes later, it was pouring!!

Making Thank You cards for all the meals we've been getting these past couple weeks. We're so blessed! Thank you everyone! Happy Grandma

Chris and Michelle are moving up to western PA and are home en route so we got to see them and the Yoders on Saturday.
Another happy Grandma :) Grandpa, Adam, Allie and Bethany checking out Evan.
Coloring CousinsAunt Bethany with Evan
Chris brought his motorcycle with him from NC. Fortunately, it was a sunny (although chilly) day to take it for a ride. Bill ready to go!
Brian getting dressed for the wind in Chris' gear.
Brian loved riding... it'd been a long time!

Chris took Bethany for a ride as well. They said I get one when we go visit them after they get settled. I've never been on a motorcycle so I'm looking forward to it! Aunt Michelle... as with most newborns, Evan is well loved and definitely "well-held" :)
They boy cousins: Blake and Adam
Our lil' buddy... So glad he's part of our family! :)


katherine said...

uhhh I want to be there so bad!! But I have Bronchitus right now so I'm gonna stay away again this week. I hate these stupid classes that are keeping me from seeing you guys. Evan is so cute. And blake and natalie are getting even cuter. Take care jenny. I love you!

Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

Evan is a doll! Congratulations, you have a beautiful family! It was great your mom could come and help. Moms are great that way!

Jena said...

I'm terribly behind with everything Internet related, but I wanted to say, CONGRATULATIONS on your precious baby boy! He's adorable! Hope things are going well and you're adjusting to 3!