Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Snow and Super Bowl

On Saturday, we went to pick up our van (it was being worked on) and to see Grandma and Grandpa and Bethany. We had just gotten more snow so we went sledding (or shall I say tubing) in the yard. So fun! :) Both the kids on a ride.

Climb up the big hill!
A little squished!
Grandpa's turn
There was about an inch of ice on top of the snow and on one of the rides, Natalie's fell through the tube and her shirt came up and her back got scraped up. She decided that was enough and rang the doorbell for Grandma to let her in. Poor girl, she's getting beat up lately!
Much better from inside!
Blake stayed out to play some more though.
Making a fire with Daddy.
Making Philly Cheese Steaks for dinner.
Grandpa bought both the kids Valentine's chocolates. Yummy! (He also "did" Blake's hair and Bethany gave Natalie a new style too! :)
Random shots after church...

Getting ready for the SuperBowl with our 3D glasses.
Game Time: Go Steelers!
The kid's "picnic" with all our superbowl snacks.
Way to go Pittsburgh!


Tarin said...

Lovely pictures!! Love both babies... Both are having great fun!!

Linda said...

Man, was that a game or WHAT! Sixburgh, baby....or as my hubby said, "they got one for the other thumb!"

Jason and Erin said...

Heard about the baby!! Looking forward to seeing pictures. And hearing how you all are doing. We are thinking of you.

katherine said...