Friday, January 9, 2009

Hangin' Around

We've been having fun with Brian home on break from school. Lots of staying up late, sleeping in, watching football games, playing with new toys and just having fun as a family!

"Pinned" :)
We did get several big things on our to-do list done too... Brian built shelves for the garage and basement and organized all of his tools. We sorted through our storage room to get all the baby stuff out so we can be ready for the little guy. Brian did a great job and is enjoying having an organized garage to work on the vehicles and other projects. Looks great honey!Natalie found my big bag of cookie cutters while we were cleaning in the basement so we had to make some sugar cookies. What a mess...but they had fun. :) Blake mostly likes eating the frosting!

Getting ready for the Rose Bowl... ...we still love you Penn State!

For some reason, our couch has major static on it... check out Natalie's hair!

That's what I'd call a bad hair day! :)

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katherine said...

These pictures are AWESOME!! Blake is making some priceless faces... And natalie in the penn state uniform?! Uh so cute. Hows Evan? When is that baby coming?!?! I WANT TO MEET HIM AND HOLD HIM AND BUY HIM THINGS!