Thursday, January 29, 2009

January Pics

I've decided Blake looks good in green. :)We've had lots of snow lately... we went sledding one night and of course the battery in the camera was almost dead. So I only got two pictures but we had fun.

We found this little green chair at a thrift shop that matches Natalie's purple one so she brought hers down and they both sat in them. They sit in them to read books. It's cute.

Wrestle time with Daddy
Making Valentine Lollipops Blake's learned to "smile" for the camera--he leans in and says "chee" (cheese) Ribs for dinner-one of Bri's favorites
Natalie tripped in the parking lot on the way into church on Sunday. She landed on her face and got all scraped up on her nose and lip and skinned her knee (and got a hole in her tights). She was quite a sight when we walked in and we probably looked like terrible parents. She ended up sitting with us during the service instead of going to her class but she actually did great. It's mostly healed up now... but it looked pretty bad when it scabbed over!

Approximately two weeks and counting...
Trying to get pics with my two before they become three... ...not happening! :)

Keep checking the blog for the little guy's arrival!! :)


The Hillmans said...

I'm working at our Brigade now and we're planning this year's NCO and Soldier of the Year competition. As one of last year's Army level competetors, I was wondering if you have any advice/tips on how we can make our competition better? Also, what were some of your strategies for preparing for it? What resources did you use? What worked well and what didn't? What would you spend more time on if you had to do it again? Please email or give a call when you have a minute. Thanks, Jason

The Stallings Family said...

Hi! I can't wait to see this new little guy! I am excited for you all. We are doing great here. Snowed in for a few days, but loved it! We are coming close to our two year mark here. Trying to go back to Germany it looks like.......maybe K-town, but that is just something that has a opening at the moment. We will have to see! You all look great. We have been really thinking about MAYBE a third if we go back to Germany. That is a big MAYBE. Let me know how having three is! So what's the little guy's name?

Vicki & Bruce said...

Always an exciting time-waiting for a baby! Not that delivery is exciting, but that moment after when you get to actually meet and hold that new baby is THE BEST! Love your dishes! Saw those recently in a store (don't remember which one)and admired them, too.

sista katherine said...

I like your new background so much better. The other one washed out the pictures on large screens. Blake is looking more and more handsome everyday. I can't believe how beautiful he is. He should do commercials.... for real. Look into it... baby gap... macys... he could totally do it. Anyway... poor Natalie!! Her face looks so painful! So i looked through the Taylor store to see if they had any cute baby clothes for little Evan but they don't. They are all ugly or for girls which was very disappointing. OK Well you look great.. very pregnant which makes me very excited!!! I LOVE YOU!