Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas in NJ

After PA, we headed to New Jersey to spend a few days with my family. Lots of fun memories here too!
We opened our exchange gifts for each other.
Natalie's princess dress...she loves it!
A new car, bus and helicopter to go with some new clothes.
New animals... thank you for all the presents!
Mom opening her gift and Dave already sporting his new shirt.
Brian got the Band of Brothers DVDs.

We had several Pictionary competitions... very fun!

Mom and Natalie went to deliver her famous Almond Roca to the neighbors.
They all loved her and gave her cookies and milk and treats.
Grandpa and Blake

Brian getting in some fun reading (not school related!)

Going for a ride in a blanket.
Delicious meal together.
Woah Kath, calm down! :)
I actually remember this picture-we decided to make brownies and hot fudge and ice cream when we were playing Pictionary one night.
Blake with that favorite book.
Enjoying a Go-gurt. He actually put the whole wrapper in his mouth trying to get it all out!

This is me at 33 weeks... it's been another week now so we're down to only 6 weeks left and counting! A lot to get ready before that!
Happy New Year Everyone!


Diane said...

You are such a beautiful pregnant woman!!! six more weeks you will have three chidren. That is really unbelievable to me. Thank you for posting all these wonderful pictures of your family.

Erin said...

Looks like another fun Christmas! You look great Jen! Enjoy the next several weeks with just 2 kids. :) You will soon be outnumbered. lol

Sarah said...

You look fabulous, Jen!