Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas in PA

We had great Christmas and especially loved being able to drive to visit our families instead of a having to take a major plane trip! :) Here's pics of our time with Brian's family: We didn't get any snow this year but we did get a lot of freezing rain that covered everything in a beautiful layer of ice. It was really pretty.

Cooking up some bacon for breakfast.Aunt Bethany and Natalie
On Christmas Eve, we had fondue by candlelight. We dipped deer meat and chicken and listened to Christmas music. Fun memory.
(It was dark but the pic without the flash didn't turn out...)
Helping Grandpa bring in the wood for a fire.
We sat around the fire talking and relaxing.
We opened presents from Ed and Ginny-Blake's new dog.And Natalie got a homemade Christmas book.CHRISTMAS DAY!
Ready to open presents!!

Look at all Bethany's bags!

Helping Grandma open her gift. And stomping on her bubblewrap!
Natalie wrapped this completely by herself- it was one of his textbooks but she cut the paper, taped it and put the bow on before I even noticed what she was doing-it looked amazingly good!
Playing with the presents later in the day...
Brian's new jack.

PennState-opoly. Is Blake the banker? :)

Blake got this book... thought it would have too many pictures and words in it but he absolutely loves it and carries it around all the time, waiting for someone willing to read it with him.
"Where is everyone?? I'm ready to eat!"
Here we are... ready for a yummy meal.
We had a great Christmas. Thanks for all the wonderful memories!

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Jason & Erin said...

Christmas in PA is the best! We missed being there this year. Hopefully next though!