Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Just another day

Natalie is talking so much these days--over the weekend she passed Brian in the kitchen and said, "Mornin' Daddy" and kept on walking by. She makes us laugh all the time. And Blake has discovered that he can scream really loudly-can't wait for him to get over that one! We've been out a lot lately and we actually got to stay home all day yesterday. Here's some pictures of some of the things we did. We made cookie mixes (you mix up the dry ingredients and then give them the recipe for what they need to add to make cookies). They are for the ladies that watch the children during my Bible Study at church. We just have two more weeks and I have so appreciated being able to be with the other ladies without the kids. I look forward to Thursday mornings!

Making the tags to go on the cookie jars

Having some juice in her "boat"

Trying to get a picture of the two of them at our favorite beach playground. (She kept letting him go! Won't tell you how many tries it took to get this only half-decent shot! :)

I love the beach!

Can't wait til I can actually play over there too!
If you look real hard above her head, you can see Diamond Head mountain and some of the hotels from downtown Waikiki. Just watching the ships roll in...
It's been a long day... time to go back home.
I was in the mood for some Middle Eastern food so we made hummus, tabouli salad, falafel and cucumber yogurt dip for dinner. It was delicious. We surprised Daddy by setting the table on the floor and putting on some Turkish music. Fun evening. :)


katherine said...

You're babies are so cute. I can't even handle it. Seriously. I miss them so much. And I REALLY want to come visit you in Hawaii. The beach looks so beautiful and I just miss you guys. Only a few more weeks and you will be in NJ!!!!!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED TO HAVE YOU GUYS IN THE HOUSE AGAIN! I miss having you and brian around. Like in Germany. OK I'm going to call you right now.
ALll my love,

chelly said...

I have to agree with Katherine, your kids are too cute!! :) Thanks for sharing your day with us... it's one of my daily highlights to check in and see what the family is up to!! :)

Randy & Laura said...

Hey hey, Jen :)
I was just thinking about how fun this time of year was in Germany when I visited before Natalie was born... so much has happened since then in both our lives. That visit was a little crazy -- I was homeless and you were about ready to have a baby. I can't believe you let me come visit but I have lots of good memories from that trip. I see you have your tree up already, wow, I am impressed. :) Love the pictures on your blog, as always!