Sunday, November 18, 2007

Busy Week

We've had a really busy week and it was even a busy weekend. Natalie decided on Sunday that she wants to try to be potty trained so that's added to the craziness. She just took off her diaper and sat down and went without us even saying anything and she's been going on it at least several times a day. I think her sticker chart and the skittles are motivating. Speaking of going potty, she just went right now! Okay, probably more than most of you wanted to know... On to the pictures! :)

On Monday, we went up the west side of the island along the Waianae coast. There are a lot of really poor areas with homeless people living on the beach in makeshift tents with all their belongings piled around them. Quite sad, not what you picture Hawaii being like. We went to a little Army beach for a few hours and had a picnic lunch. Lots of fun although it's weird to get sunburned in November! :)

Trying out our new beach shade/tent. We got it at the yard sales when my parents were here for just a couple bucks. We love it!
Swimming in the water (I realize that I need to get Brian to take more pictures of me with the kids--they're always of him!)
Playing with the tent stake... the funniest things entertain her.
Blake tried out the exersaucer for the first time this week. He loves it (in short amounts of time). Natalie thought it was awesome--not sure what she's doing in this picture though!

Blake rolled over twice!! He was laying on his tummy while we were making cookies and we looked down and he was on his back! Way to go buddy! :)
Making peanut butter cookies--yum yum!
Modeling her new hat from Bonnie and Aunt Ardeth. Thanks for the great package!

(And for those of you with little kids--we just discovered Lunchable Jrs. I'm usually not big on packaged food but these are great in a pinch. They have turkey and cheese or crackers and raisins and peanut butter in the perfect sizes and portions. Best of all, I saved the little container and refilled it with my own things and Natalie thought she was getting something special.)

Blake has the cutest smiles and giggles.

This is how Blake likes to play these days, always trying to roll over.
Hope you all had a great weekend. We love you and miss you and are thankful that our paths have crossed through the years. Thank you for blessing us with your friendship. Happy Thanksgiving!


katherine said...

Jen Jen! LOVE the pictures. babies are so cute. I'm excited to see them at christmas!
All my love,

Randy & Laura said...

I want to go to the beach in November! It's cloudy and dark here in VA. Yay for Blake rolling over, that is so exciting. And yes, we need to see more of you with the kiddos. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, my friend.

Bethany said...

I love the pictures!Blake's smiles are adorable.They're so perfect.Can't wait to see everybody at Christmas!I see Natalie's hair is finally up too.In July it just never seemed to stay put.

Jason & Erin said...

I just discovered Lunchable Jr.'s this week too! lol They were great for the park and Ryleigh actually ate everything out of it! Love finding things that make life a little easier. :)

Becky Holliday said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! I hope to see you all soon, too. (Like maybe in June...) I'll keep you posted, but Jason and I are planning on going to Hawaii to 1. Have our official honeymoon 2. See you!, 3. Run a marathon in Kona on June 29. :) Becky