Saturday, November 24, 2007


(Grrr...I just got this all ready...posted it and then as I was editing it for a little mistake, I deleted all of it! Here we go again... :(
We had four single guys and a family over for Thanksgiving. It was our/my first time to host the meal with all the trimmings. We did a pretty good job, I must say... everything tasted great, there were no major catastrophes, and we didn't have many leftovers, even from our almost 20 lb turkey!! We had a wonderful day! :)

Forgot to take a picture of the turkey BEFORE it got carved up...

Piling up the plates

It was a delicous meal, complete with the Gration tradition of sparkling cranberry juice!

The guys had to go but we relaxed the rest of the afternoon with Paul and Anne and their boys.

Natalie enjoying the dip off the veggie tray

Pillow fight!

Or rather "Run into Brian and Paul and they will knock you down." Natalie loved it and kept trying to get in on the action.

Anne left us a few peices of pumpkin pie... guess who found it first?

We put Blake on this pillow while we were cleaning up... she went and got one and laid down next to him. So cute!

Nothing like a little piggy-back ride to top off the day!

We love you and are so thankful for each one of you!


chelly said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving too! Jen, I have the same curtains that you have in your kitchen. :) We both must have really good taste!!

Stacie said...

It was our first time hosting as well! We had a great time--looks like you did too! Congrats on all your hard work (I know how much work it can be), it sure looks like it payed off. Pretty cute pics of you and Natalie!

katherine said...

Jay Jay! I'm so proud of you for making just a great dinner. And that piture of you and natalie makes my heart leap! Oh I got the cookies! Are these the cookies that Natalie helped make in that picture?! They are still very very very good. :D thanks sista. You're the best. Tell Brian I love him and miss him too!

Bethany said...

Love seeing you in the pictures, Jen.Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving.Love you guys.

Denise said...

You look so wonderful Jen!! I haven't seen a picture of you in quite a while...hope I look that great after baby #2!!! I love looking at all your pics. Wish I could do one of these blogs and keep up with it like you do...good work!!