Sunday, November 11, 2007

Long Weekend!

We love it when Daddy's home for extra days. We've been to the mall (I'm finally getting contacts!), mowed the grass, had a party here, played with toys, eaten pizza, sat on the potty lots of times, been to church, watched football...and it's only Sunday! Hopefully, we're going to go do something "Hawaiian" tomorrow. Thanks for serving, those of you in the military!
Natalie put this blanket around her and said "byebye...beach" Guess she thought it looked like a towel or my wrap.
Her favorite pastime--she doesn't care if she bumps into things...just gets right back up!
Sleepy time
Isn't he getting so big? People ask me if he's 6 or 7 months all the time...nope, just three!
And I got told SHE was so pretty when he was wearing these overalls. Crazy.

Just chilling on the couch
"Hey, where's the remote?"
Natalie loves to stand in front of the AC and let it blow her hair. She puts her babies in front of it to let them fly (I think Mr. Jason taught her that when he put Carter in front of it on Halloween because he was Superman. Funny what they pick up on.)
They are taking pictures for the directory at church so we had someone else snap a picture of us since we don't have very many of the 4 of us yet.


katherine said...

Oh my goodness!!! Blake is a monster of a man. He looks like natalie did... tat girl was always huge. He's so adorable though. Both of them are. I can not WAIT to see them over christmas.. you too. I miss you so much jeffana

Stacie said...

You're kids look so much like you , Jen! I especially see it in Natalie--it's crazy!

Randy & Laura said...

I love your blog -- I got all caught up on your kids from the last 2 weeks. Now I need to post on my blog. It was great to talk last night. Mandy Leigh loves her pacifier (so do I!). Take care, love ya!

Linda said...

Wow Jen! I found your blog address on Christy's wall at facebook, lol. I can NOT believe how BIG Natalie is...and now you have another child...and that little boy is ADORABLE, too. I love seeing these pictures. You look the same, too! I'm glad I found your blog - I'll be putting it on my RSS feed to keep up with you! Come visit my blog if/when you have a chance!

Christy said...

Hey Jen sorry I hadn't signed here before, I've been here after you left the website on my facebook! Thank you btw!! IT's sooo good to see you and hear from you! I miss you too! I can't believe it's been almost a year since you left! :( It looks like you guys are really enjoying life in Hawaii! Blake is soooo beautiful and I can't believe how big Natalie is! Friday night at the Hospitality House Matt and Tina were showing pictures from 1 yr ago when they moved into the house and there were quite a few of you guys helping paint the new house and pics of Natalie. When was Blake born? Emma's 3 1/2 months old now. I know they are really close in age since we were only a couple weeks different in our pg!

Hugs to all of you....

God Bless