Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Christmas Cookies!

This week we made sugar cookies and decorated them for our neighbors. It ended up a two-day affair because we've been busy. Baking them one day-frosting the next. I think she was sugared out enough each day anyway that it was probably better to break it up. :) These are probably the only ones we'll make this year... since we're coming home to two houses that will be filled with lots of yummy things to eat. (Bethany, Brian is already dreaming (and drooling) about Buckeye Balls --you better make a lot!) We're getting really excited about Christmas... just over 2 weeks!! :)

Mixing up the cookies (yeah, it was out of a package... :)
Of course you have to taste it! :)
Blake hung out on the floor while we baked.

Lately she's been talking in a "mommy" voice when she's with her dolls and toys. She copies how I must sound talking to Blake. She was talking to the cookies like that, "Hi no-man, hi tree..." Then she started talking all serious about how the oven is hot. "Oh no... tearful (careful)... uh-ben... hot!" Pointing to warn the cookies about the oven. :)

Decorating the cookies... and sampling the frosting.

And the final step... eating the cookies!! Yummy!

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katherine said...

Oh my goodness! Warning the cookies about the oven?!?! THat makes me want to die she is so cute! I miss you guys! I can't wait to be friends with her and love on her. And blake! I need a baby to hug on. Pray for me. Exams are next week and I'm stressing. Love you!