Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Silly Kids and a Farewell Brunch

I'll start with the craziest pics... as you've seen before, Natalie can be quite determined about what she wants with her when she sleeps. She is also is good at trying to manipulate us, so each night, she asks for one more thing, one more hug, one more this or that. Somehow it builds up to where she needs a million things and the bedtime routine gets out of control. So we have to limit what happens at bedtime to the few set things and then leave the room. Ignoring is the only thing that will work with her... she even screams from her room, "Come here now! I need a spanking!" She doesn't care if it's positive or negative, she just wants the attention, but unfortunately, she needs the sleep. She fights it for awhile and then finally gives in. So this is what we've found the last couple days when we go in to check on her. The other day, I read her "Love you Forever" before the bed (the book where the mom sings and rocks her child "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be.") Natalie was yelling from her room at me: "You're supposed to hold me and rock me and sing me, Mommy! That's how you do it! Come do it, Mommy! That's how you do it!"
On to the happy pictures: Natalie and Blake really do play well together, it's fun to watch them interact now that Blake can walk and keep up with her.
She says "Oh My!" and "That's terrible!" and Blake broke one of my Polish Pottery dishes and she patted my back saying, "It's okay honey, it'll be alright Mommy."
She can be a little bossy too: "Bakester, don't do that ever again, okay? I said ever again!" and "Bakey, don't touch TD (tv). You have obey Mommy and Daddy, okay?"
One night, we told her she had to wear a bib since we were eating something messy, and she didn't want to... finally she said, "But I don't want to obey!" without us mentioning the word. I guess she's learning. :)
After Brian took off his jacket, we realized they were matching. :)
Blake loves to carry shoes around the house. He goes to our shoe basket by the door and throws them all out on the floor until he finds two little ones (either his or Natalie's) and then walks around holding them. I don't know what this is about... but Brian really likes shoes so maybe that's where he gets it. :)
While I was out at a show, Brian fed the kids mac and cheese and hotdogs for dinner. Natalie spilled it all over the place and she said, "I spilled my pasta all over my pretend baby!" Look at that face!!Eating all the cookie dough--she really was grabbing out the biggest bites! She told me: "Mommy, take a picture of me and Minney, we're cute."

On Saturday, Jess threw a farewell brunch for me at her house. It was so lovely and fun and great to spend time with some of the wonderful friends I've made here in Hawaii. We've only been here 18 months but I will miss the people here a lot. I guess that's the good and bad thing about being in the military and moving so much... you have to leave them, but you get to keep them as friends and then you move and meet more new people. Then after many years, you have so many great people that you've gotten to know and love in the different seasons of your life. I know this is only our second assignment but I already feel that way. Can't wait to see what God has in store for us in Pennsylvania!Everything was delicious! Clockwise: Jenny, Jess, Heather, Victoria and Regan Opening gifts and cards. Wasn't expecting that...thanks girls!Me with Victoria: we both lived in Germany together too.
We were in a couples Bible Study with Jenny and Wes going through the book, Love and Respect by Emerson Eggerichs (great marriage book!)

And Jess... my dearest friend. When I was in Germany, I remember praying that God would give me a close girl friend that I would be able to connect with here in Hawaii. The first day we moved into our house, Jess and Jason came walking over... they were our next door neighbors with a little six month old son, Carter. We (and our kids) became instant friends (after I fainted in our kitchen and she came running over to see why Natalie was screaming... long story, I was a few months pregnant and the packers had delivered our hold baggage and Brian was at work....) Anyway, God completely answered that prayer and we've had some of the best times here in Hawaii, sharing our lives with eachother and going through all of the ups and downs of the Army and beings wives and moms and growing as Christians. I know we will be friends forever! :)


Linda said...

I remember Victoria! At least...I THINK I do - she sure does look familiar, so I MUST have met her in Bamberg!

I didn't know you guys were leaving...are you leaving Hawaii, or the Army altogether? And where in PA will you be? And when are you leaving...and...and...sheesh...I need to take a breath!

katherine said...

this was a very good post jenjen. Full of natalie-isms and great pictures. Man, Natalie is getting smarter and smarter everyday. Telling blake he has to obey!? That's hilarious. Question: when did blake turn into a boy? That picture of Brian and Blake... his face looks like a boy, not a baby. Weeeird. How I miss the yoders. Keep the pictures and videos coming!! You know how much I love them. And kiss the babies for me and remind them that Aunt Katherine loves them. I love you sister. and I'm praying for all of you crazy kids.


Kimberly Bauer said...

I just read love and respect not to long ago. So funny. Great pictures from Hawaii, we will miss seeing the beach in your pictures, but you are right, God is now giving you new adventures. it is wonderful.

The Hillmans said...

Were you trying to make my cry with this post, because you did. I feel the same way, I know God put us there together and we'll remain friends always. I miss you already! Jess