Friday, July 11, 2008

Another Beach Trip

Some pics from Sunday's beach picnic. Just posting so that those of you that check this regularly (or hourly, Kath!) can have something to look at. :)

The beginning of the huge hole Brian dug for the kids:

Video of the kids... Natalie's haircut since she won't keep bows and clips in her hair... And Blake got a new pair of shoes. He can walk all over the house now... the shoes were a little slippery though!


katherine said...

AHHH HAHAHAHA!!! I LOVE the video of the beach pack n' play. That was so cute. And blakey walking! I miss you guys. Keep the pictures coming. Especially now when we just want you here. Hope you are feeling better my sister. I LOVE YOU!

Randy & Laura said...

Are those the shoes you got Blake when we were on the phone? Cute video of him walking! Speaking of going to the beach... do you have tips on diapers for the beach? We are going on vacation next week, not sure what to put Mandy in, she's never been to the pool or beach. Should be fun though. :)

katherine said...

Oh my. I missed the kids so I came back. I love that when you ask to see Natalie's hair she shows you the top of her head. SO AdORABLE. Looks like I won't be leaving for school until the 20th. Instead of the 15th so that's good news! More time with the kiddos if you guys get here in time. Please put more pictures and video's up. I miss them.