Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Beach and Fourth of July

We've decided to go to the beach and have a picnic every weekend until we leave. We are only a 5 minute walk and probably won't live this close to a beach ever again.... so we're trying to enjoy it! :) Our great view of Waikik and Diamond Head
The water was all churned up... usually it's prettier.
We love Hawaii! :)

One night last week, I met Brian downtown for his Colonel's Farewell dinner. It was right on the water and there was a band so Natalie loved it.

Paul took her up close so she could dance.

We went to Paul and Anne's house for the Fourth of July. They invited a bunch of people from work and all of their neighbors. We had a fun time hanging out all afternoon and there lots of kids so Natalie and Blake had lots of fun too.Jumping in the Bouncy CastleBlake cooling off with some water.
Delicious Deviled Eggs. She is a Yoder... she loves eggs! :)
I took a couple things to share but this Berry Brownie dessert turned out really well so I had to take a picture of it. :)

Time for Fireworks. In the community where we live, everyone heads to the beach at dusk. You can watch several different displays from across the water. It's really neat.
Playing with the glow stick.
Richards and Moore (I only know them by their last names :)
Eric and Marcus
Unfortunately, Blake was too tired and excited by the whole day of partying that I had to take him home before the fireworks because he wouldn't stop crying. Brian stayed with Natalie and everyone else but I could still see them from our front yard so I watched them from there. All in all, it was a great Fourth of July! :)


The Stallings Family said...

Look like you had a great week!! Could you send me the recipe for the Berry Brownie?? That look really yummy!!! Thanks. I am a little bummed, my friend had to cancel her party for this weekend because her kids are sick, so I still have yet to qualify!! I got til July 30th. My friend, Katie, is suppose to have one next Friday. Let's hope it is a good one. I need it! Take care!

katherine said...

I LOVE DEVILED EGGS!!!! Man I miss you guys. So much. I wish the Army would the hurry the heck up so I can see you. So I was thinking maybe you should come to Taylor for Parents Weekend.. I know it's kinda soon after moving back (the end of september) but you do have to come some time and it's my Junior year so you are running out of time my sista. And it would make my YEAR! I will understand if you can't. But I'd really love it. Maybe just you and Brian could come and the babes can stay with mom and dad. I think mom and dad are actually thinking of coming too so maybe all of you could drive up together! THe Cat's are currently chasing each other and tackling each other. It's very distracting.. Better go. Call me sometime.,